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북녘 | To produce more quality shoes for primary school pupils

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To produce more quality shoes for primary school pupils

The Ryuwon Footwear Factory is now engaged in the production of trainers for spring\and autumn to be supplied to new pupils of primary schools.


“The top priority policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea\and the DPRK is always the one for rising generations. Now, we put in special effort to improve the quality of footwear in\order to the tasks set forth at the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK which stressed again the need to increase the sense of responsibility in implementing the socialist policy for schoolchildren,” said Son Hyon Sok, chief engineer of the factory.


Son said that it is important in raising the quality of footwear to cut out their parts well.


Especially, it is more so for those for primary schoolchildren as they have various parts to suit their psychology.


The factory newly installed a CNC automatic cutting machine\and established the process for cutting parts on the basis of it.


Thus, the accuracy of the cut parts is being improved.


It is also important in raising the quality of products to restore the\original performance of all facilities so that they can fully display their performance.


This year the factory started production after perfecting equipment repair, for example, the restoration of the\original performance of the toe-part lasting machine, four-way press\and other hydraulic machines of the shoemaking line.


Needle workers pasted photos of their children\or siblings on their sewing machines\and devote all their sincerity to stitching footwear with the mind of making footwear for their own relatives.


 “We are striving to raise the qualitative level of footwear for schoolchildren to that of the first-class shoes by strictly meeting all technical requirements,” says Ri Man Song, head of the shoemaking workshop.


Meanwhile, the factory is putting efforts into developing new kinds of trainers.


It newly designed the shapes of the shoetree\and sole of trainers for men\and women\and introduced a CNC four-spindle processing machine to make footwear moulds at will\and trained skilled hands specializing in designing soles.


This year alone, the factory has developed dozens of kinds of trainers, which are very popular.


Among them are the trainers for young people which give them sense of lightness\and activity by heightening the contrast in colour at their outer rims\and soles to suit their psychology\and seasonal characters, those for adults which improved in terms of wear\and cold resistance of sole\and those for children whose outer rims are made of materials of various colours to suit their minds. All of them fully satisfy the demands of customers.


The factory also produces sports shoes for different sports like football, boxing, basketball, tennis, volleyball\and table tennis.



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