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Who is responsible for the Korean Crisis?

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Who is responsible for the Korean Crisis?

 Harold W. Sunoo, Ph.D. 

                The U. S. government and the American media talk about the Pentagon is sending all its fire powers to the Northeast Asia to protect Washington and its allies, you would think the real threat to America is the North Korea, a country with only 25 million people.           

            Who has 6,000 nuclear weapon and more than 1,000 military bases in over 100 countries? 

            The U. S. war against Spain in 1898, took Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam.  Ben Beveridge of Indiana who visited the Philippines and reported the Philippines give us a base at the door of the East.  The Pacific is our ocean.  Who rule the Pacific will rule to world.  In 1899, 5,000 U. S. troops went to China and joined the European imperial powers to fight against the Box Rebellion who was anti-west Chinese revolutionary groups.  In 1900, Presidential election between McKinley and Bryon, Bryon, democratic Candidate, defined the contest as a fight between democracy and plutocracy, Bryon attacked imperialism.  He used Jeffersonian Principle.  “We should have nothing to do with conquest.”  But he lost the election.  The pro-empire group dominated the U. S. A. there on. 

            Another example of an American imperial action is the Taff-Katsura secret agreement in 1905.  In this agreement, the U. S. recognized Japan’s domination of Korea, and annexed her in 1910, and Japan recognized the U. S. domination of the Philippines. 

            Today America spends as much money on its military as the rest of the world combined.  Neo Conservatives claim that America is on empire.  New York Times, Jan. 3, 2003, said that American empire! Get used to it. 

            The American people should understand that American government is provoking to create the crisis in Korea.  The American people should ask the government to change is its hostile policy. 

            The “Team Spirit” U. S. South Korea war exercises from the 1970S to the 1990S practiced with using nuclear bombs. 

The joint military exercises between the U. S. and the South Korea since Kim Jong-il s death suddenly changed. The sheer amount of equipment deployed was amazing: 13 naval vessels, 52 armored vessels, 40 fighter jets and 9,000 U. S. troops. 

            South Korean officials began talking of Kim Jong-il’s death as a prime opportunity to pursue a regime-change strategy.  

            South Korea unveiled a new cruise missile that could launch a strike inside North Korea and is working fast to increase its full-battery range to strike anywhere inside North Korea. 

            The U. S. Military’s key Resolve Foal Eagle Computerized war simulation games suddenly changed, too, simulating the deployment of 100,000 South Korean troops on North Korean territory following a regime change. 

            So the plan to overthrow the government of the North Korea has been in the works since the death of Kim Jong-il in 2011. 

            But North Korea’s successful test of nuclear weapons and a missile delivery system in February of this year threw off the plans of the Pentagon plan. 

            In 1994 Washington and Pyongyang agreed upon Framework, under which the DPRK was to refrain from nuclear development and Washington would end Economic Sanctions, contribute financial aid, and aid to agricultural development would build light water nuclear reactors to provide electricity and would provide fuel oil until the reactors were completed and operating.  The two countries were pledged to a non-hostile relationship and to the normalization of relations. 

            In Jan. 2002, President George W. Bush declared the DPRK was part of an “axis of evil” along with Iraq and Iran. Members of this “axis of evil were subject to preemptive U. S. military attack.  DPRK could be subject to a first strike nuclear attack. 

            The U. S. and DPRK Agreed Framework collapsed by 2003.  The DPRK withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and embarked upon its own nuclear development. 

            The DPRK agreed to talks in 2003 that involved China, the U. S., Japan, Russia and South Korea.  The DPRK in 2005, once again agreed to suspend its nuclear development in return for aid.  But the climate of hostility continued.  When 2009, The U. N. Security Council denounced a rocket launch by the DPRK, its government pulled out of the talks; it became clear that the six-party talks were aimed at curbing the military capability of the DPRK. 

            So the DPRK has gone through the historical experiences of being betrayed by the American administrations and is now under an escalating treat by the Obama administration.  It is obvious now who is responsible of making the crisis in Korea. 

            President Obama received the Noble Peace Award.  It’s time for him to implement starting with the North Korea, and bring the peace in the East Asia and the world.(20130508)


Harold W. Sunoo, Ph.D.

Advisor of KANCC

Distinguish Professor Emeritus of the Central Methodist University, MO

Founder of Harold W. and Sonia S. Sunoo Korea In Peace Foundation. 


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