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The world progressives appreciate the Workers´ Party of Korea founded by President Kim Il Sung and led by leader Kim Jong Il as the ever-victorious party.

Looking back upon the 60 odd years of the WPK, the Korean people recall with deep emotion the tireless efforts the President made to strengthen the WPK into the most powerful party in the world, the seasoned and trained party and the invincible party forming an integral whole with the people.

On May 18, Juche 82(1993) the President received a delegation of the Party for Unity and Progress of Guinea on a visit to the DPRK to learn after the building of the WPK.

The head of the delegation asked the President to explain the experiences of the party building and the way to build a ruling party, saying that the Western countries were pressing them to allow a multiparty system.

After looking around the room, the President took up a peach from the table and emphasized that the party should be formed like the peach.

The head of the delegation looked at the peach, unable to understand what the President said.

The President, pointing at the peach in his hand, said that the revolution and construction can be done well only when the monolithic unity of the leader, the party and the people is realized. Likening to the peach, he explained in detail that the flesh of the peach is the people of different sections, the stone is the party and the seed is the leader.

The chief delegate nodded, struck with admiration at the wonderful comparison.

"I see, Comrade President."

He took up the peach and continued to nod.

Dubious lest he would think of the African coreless mango similar to the Korean peach, the President reiterated that a coreless unity like the African mango is useless.

The head, who had thought of the coreless mango, was surprised and half-rose to his feet, for the President read his inner thought. And then said to himself, "Korean peach with seed and African mongo without seed."

He fully understood the profound truth of the theory on the party building from a few persuasive words of the President and said in courteous terms that the great President’s theory on the party building was an original and great theory all the parties across the world should learn after and he would build his party like the Korean peach.

The world people really admired, witnessing the fact that the servicepersons and people of the DPRK, rallied as firmly as one around the WPK led by Kim Jong Il, were making a long drive to win victory after victory under the banner of Songun despite diverse hardships during the "Arduous March" and the forced march, after socialism collapsed in Eastern Europe and imperialists intensified the anti-socialist high-handed maneuvers against the DPRK.

Significantly celebrating the 60th anniversary of the WKP with great pride, therefore, the Korean people shouted to the world, "No force in the world can match the single-minded unity of our great leader, our great party and our great people."

The army and people of the DPRK will further glorify the immortal achievements President Kim Il Sung performed for the consolidation of the WPK that organizes and guides all the victories of the Korean people.



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