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Statement of the Spokesman for the DPRK Education Ministry

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A spokesman for the DPRK Ministry of Education issued a statement on October 3, 2008.

It reads:


Statement of the Spokesman for the DPRK

 Education Ministry


These days the Lee Myung Bak group is crying out for making a retrogressive revision of history textbooks for high schools in south Korea to serve its pro-U.S. and "anti-communist purpose" under the motto of "eradicating the leftover of the left wing" and "intensifying education for security against communism".

Joining in the racket are the puppet Defense Ministry, the Reunification Ministry and other "government" organs, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other ultra-rightist organizations and even the "Grand National Party" .

The group´s proposed retrogressive revision of the above-said textbooks is designed to distort or delete the parts of the modern history of the Korean nation dealing with its patriotic struggle to put an end to foreign forces´ aggression and colonial rule and achieve its sovereignty, malignantly defame the dignified socialist system in the DPRK and fan up bitterness toward it.

It is also aimed at falsifying the truth behind the hideous crimes including the massacre of participants in the April 3 popular uprising on Jeju Island committed by the U.S. imperialists and the political incidents perpetrated by them and the successive puppet fascist dictatorial regimes and their acts of treachery, whitewashing them and marring the significance of the historic Pyongyang summits in a bid to justify the group´s anti-reunification policy.

The Lee Myung Bak group is insisting that 476 places of "pro-north left wing" contents of six sorts of high school textbooks should be revised and from the next semester new history textbooks be introduced in the lectures.

In connection with this, the south Korean opposition parties and progressive forces oppose the Lee´s history textbook revision attempt denouncing it as a "coup d´etat of history", "a very dangerous conception restoring the past cold-war era" and the scholars writing for it sent in their resignations to strongly reject it.

The Lee Myung Bak group´s retrogressive revision of the history textbooks distorting the modern history of the nation, covering up and beautifying their anti-popular nature and confrontation moves against the DPRK testifies that their rash acts reach the extremely imprudent and grave stage, who try hard to eradicate all the progressive pro-reunification elements and revive wholly the shameful past of U.S. imperialists´ domination and subjugation, inter-Korean confrontation and fascist rule.

The DPRK Education Ministry pungently condemn the Lee Myung Bak group´s retrogressive revision of history textbooks, branding it as the outrageous infringement on justice and truth and vicious challenge to history and truth.

History is neither vanished nor changed by any one who negates or distorts it.

Furthermore, today the sacred history of the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle that opened up a new origin of the Korean nation´s independent development and prosperity, the DPRK´s history in which national dignity and prestige are raised up to the highest stage and the national struggle for independent reunification and peace and prosperity are winning the absolute admiration and support at home and abroad for its justness and truth.

Nonetheless, a handful scum of society driven to the brink of history, cast out from the nation and era are keen on distorting the nation´s sacred history and turning the trend back to the past. It is a foolish and ridiculous rash act like covering the sun with a hand.

What the Lee group is doing now is more vicious and sinister than that the successive south Korean fascist ruling quarters committed against the nation and history. It is something unprecedented in history.

The "social advancement" which is much talked about by Lee as if it were a new policy, is nothing but a reactionary fascistization of the south Korean society as the reality indicates.

Its moves to rewrite history textbooks are unpardonable as they are designed to serve the criminal purpose of reinforcing the foundation of the pro-U.S. conservative forces and openly implanting confrontation towards compatriots into the minds of the rising generation in a bid to block reconciliation and unity of the nation and weaken and dampen the desire for independence, democracy and reunification which has grown stronger in south Korea since the publication of the June 15 declaration.

The south Korean people from all walks of life should frustrate the anti-nation, anti-reunification and anti-history acts including retrogressive revision of history textbooks of the Lee Myung Bak group going against general trend towards independent reunification and peace and prosperity and turn out more valiantly in the struggle to achieve the historic cause of independence, democracy and reunification.


October 3, 2008



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