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Brilliant with Devotedly Defending the Leader

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Kim Jong Suk, the heroine of the anti-Japanese war, is standing in the forefront of the ranks of the revolutionary powerful army of Mt. Paektu, who glorified her life with devotedly defending the leader.

Taking the safeguarding the headquarters as the primary task concerning with the fate of the Korean revolution, she devoted herself to President Kim Il Sung´s safety and guarded him during the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, herself becoming a shield and a human bullet.

This happened one day in June, 1940.

Kim Il Sung, after spending the whole day on a hard-fought battle and a tough forced march, was reading a book in a tent of the camping site when darkness fell. After a long time he went outside.

The bodyguard on sentry in front of the camp supposed the commander was going to walk through the forest just a minute and relaxed his attention.

However, the commander wasn´t back after a long while.

Kim Jong Suk who regarded it as an iron rule to go round the tent of the headquarters at night, was aware of it and asked the bodyguard the details.

The young bodyguard replied in a surprise. "I supposed the Comrade Commander went out just a minute…"

She told him to inform the other comrades soon and said to the machine-gunners to search for the camping site of the brigade first.

As she expected, the Comrade Commander was turning round the tents of the 7th brigade one by one,

The bodyguard was at a loss what to do regretting for not being fully ready to the guard of the commander even for a moment.

She reasoned with the bodyguard on his mistake by saying that he must follow the commander to guard him even though the general leaves his seat for only a few minutes.

She said:

We must regard it as our iron rule in guarding the headquarters. This rule must be observed not only in the situation of a battle but also in ordinary life.

Her ardent words had a great impact on all soldiers of the guards company.

During the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle, the main-force unit of the Korean People´s Revolutionary Army led by Kim Il Sung was always confronted with the enemy on all sides.

At the end of June 1940, the unit met a river at Dashahe in Antu County. The unit was just about to cross the river, when the enemy suddenly began to fire at it from a height. Sensing that the unit was led by general Kim Il Sung, they grew frantic from beginning. They were from the "new army" of the worst type.

The unit was in a very critical situation.

Analyzing the features of the terrain, Kim Il Sung commanded the battle patiently.

He ordered the unit to charge the height. With a bugle sounding the charge from the valley, the guerrillas rushed towards the mountain ridge.

Facing the surging charge of the KPRA soldiers roaring their battle cries, the enemy was thrown into consternation.

Now the odds were against the enemy. But, the well-trained enemy soldiers soon came to their senses, and made a counterattack.

The battle grew all the more fierce.

Kim Il Sung commanded the battle from a rock on the ridge of the mountain. Mindful of his safety, Kim Jong Suk kept a close watch on the surroundings. Noticing reeds swaying strangely, she turned her eyes and saw half a dozen enemy soldiers hiding in a reed field, taking aim at Kim Il Sung on the ridge.

During the long bloody anti-Japanese armed struggle, Kim Il Sung had faced a critical situation more than once, but not a life-or-death situation like this one.

At the hair-raising moment, Kim Jong Suk raced to him, shouting "Comrade Commander!" and shielding him with her body. Then she pulled the trigger of her Mauser. The  enemy  soldier   in  the  front  fell  down,  dropping  his  gun.  A gunshot followed: Kim Il Sung had shot over her shoulder. Kim Jong Suk fired again. In this way they both shot all the enemy soldiers in the reed field dead.

The crucial moment was safely over.

The safety of Kim Il Sung was secured thanks to Kim Jong Suk who guarded him with herself becoming a shield to cover him.

Looking up to Kim Il Sung commanding the battle from the rock, Kim Jong Suk shed tears, the tears welling up from the feeling that danger to Kim Il Sung had passed, and that he was safe.

They were the tears of delight that the commander was safe and those of remorse to burden herself all the responsibility on the short-timed crisis over the commander.

The commander was protected and the Korean revolution dashed forward along the path to victory thanks to the ardent devotion of Kim Jong Suk, who became a shield and a human bullet for the commander.

The noble devotion and the brilliant feats performed by Kim Jong Suk, the model of loyalty, for the safety of the President and the ultimate victory of the Korean revolution is brilliantly engraved in the minds of the whole nation as the immortal feats.

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