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Country Dignified With Songun

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If sovereignty and dignity are the life and soul of a country and a nation, strong defence capability is the symbol of sovereignty and dignity.

Korea was compelled to put up with the destiny of colonial slavery by the imperialists in the early years of the previous century. But today when a hundred years have passed since then it has risen fair and square to the rank of a great power. Now no one is allowed to make bargaining arbitrarily in reference to the dignity and the fundamental interests of the Korean nation.

Its motive force has been the high priority military idea, Songun politics and Songun revolutionary leadership initiated by President Kim Il Sung and taken over and carried forward by the leader Kim Jong Il.

President Kim Il Sung is the eternal sun of the Korean nation who saved their destiny and defended their dignity by force of arms.

Once he said both national strength and national pride come from arms.

It was on March 1, Juche 8 (1919), that he witnessed a scene of bloodshed of the Korean nation for the first time.

That day the Japanese imperialists who were militarily occupying Korea brutally repressed the Korean people at the point of the bayonet when they turned out to offer resistance to Japan´s colonial oppressive rule, shouting "Long live Korean independence!"

That tragic scene he saw with his own eyes brought him the poignant realization that one must fight against the aggressor only with arms in hand and he had this engraved on his mind as a lesson obtained at the cost of blood.

That is why he, forming the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), the first Korean revolutionary organization, on October 17, Juche 15(1926), set the overthrow of Japanese imperialism and the achievement of the liberation and independence of Korea as its immediate task. In the early 1930s he declared the start of a great anti-Japanese war for regaining national sovereignty and dignity with arms of justice in hand, in opposition to imperialist Japan which was fancying herself to be a "new-emerging great military power".

Victory in the 15-year-long war was that of arms of the Korean nation.

As they kept holding arms tightly in their hands, the Korean people could make a history of victory after victory after the country´s liberation from Japanese colonial rule (August 15, 1945).

Military   strength   for   national   defence   was   very   precious.   Therefore,   President Kim Il Sung enlisted almost all the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters in the effort to build regular revolutionary armed forces after the country´s liberation.

Triggering off the Korean war (June 1950-July 1953) the US imperialists with the history of aggression of several hundred years pounced upon the Korean people with the mobilization of even the troops of 15 of their satellite countries. But the Korean people could emerge victorious in the war. This was also because there was the powerful force of arms of the nation provided by the President.

Later, in the period of postwar rehabilitation and construction and that of the socialist revolution and socialist construction, too, he put forward policies and lines on further consolidating the country´s defence capabilities in the light of the US imperialists´ aggressive war provocation manoeuvrings, such as the policy of carrying on the building of the economy and defences in parallel and the revolutionary line of implementing the principles of independence in politics, self-reliance in the economy and national defence, and aroused all the people to put them into effect. Thanks to his correct strategy and tactics and wise leadership the Korean People´s Army has been strengthened, an all-people, nationwide defence system has been established and the foundations of national defence industry have been laid. As a result, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea has been converted into an impregnable fortress and the Korean people have become able to exercise their sovereignty fair and square in the international arena.

The President recalled that throughout his life he had fought for national dignity and that it could be said that his whole life was the years of struggle to defend national dignity and independence.

This is a precious truth reflected in his whole life of devotion to his country and people.

The 1990s was a period of verification and conviction which stamped this truth of history on everyone´s mind again.

The US imperialists´ isolation and stifling machination against the DPRK that had lasted for more than half a century reached its climax in that period.

In Juche 82 (1993) they brought new-type fighter-planes laden with nuclear weapons, warships and various kinds of means for a nuclear strike into the Korean peninsula and the waters around it on a large scale and mobilized armed forces of aggression, more than 200,000 strong, from the US mainland and US military bases in the Asia-Pacific region, including those in Guam, Hawaii and Japan.

Timing with this, they manoeuvred to apply collective "sanctions" against and put "pressure" upon the DPRK, by instigating the International Atomic Energy Agency to threateningly announce that when letting go a chance this time there would follow a tragic consequence.

At that time Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People´s Army, ordered to place the whole country, all the people and the entire army on a semi-war footing.

The following contents could also be found in that order:

"We Korean people hold dear the sovereignty of the nation and the peace of the country, and we do not want war, but we will not beg for peace at the cost of our dignity trampled down.

... ...

"The enemy must know clearly that he cannot make inroad into even an inch of our land nor can he touch even a blade of grass in our Republic recklessly."

The unexpected demise of President Kim Il Sung in Juche 83 (1994) was a great loss to the Korean people. The imperialists´ manoeuvres for the isolation and stifling of Korea reached extremes. To make matters worse, the country suffered natural disasters for several years on end.

The enemy raved that the "collapse of north Korea" was a matter of time.

Just around that time Kim Jong Il put forward the mode of Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics by taking over Kim Il Sung´s Songun idea and leadership exactly and in an all-round way.

He set out on the road of Songun in order to defend national dignity and safeguard peace and justice. He continued his tour of inspection without letup for Songun leadership, crossing over the Chol Pass which was so rugged that even clouds floating in the sky were said to take a rest before going over it and plowing raging waves or climbing heights on the forefront.

He said to this effect:

It is not because we are unaware of the difficult economic situation of the country that we visit the People´s Army.

Now we must first defend the country at any cost. Whether to become a stateless people or an independent peoplethe question is raised like this today.

It is my iron will to weather out the severe storm of the revolution by believing in the People´s Army as the pillar of the revolution and making it take the van.

If there is no strong military capability, the sovereignty and the right to existence of the country and nation cannot be defended nor can a great, prosperous and powerful nation be built.

Thanks to his Songun revolutionary leadership the People´s Army has grown into an unrivalled strong army and the socialist military position has been consolidated steel-strong.

He saw to it that the government demonstrated the might and mettle of Songun Korea by responding to the US imperialists´ tough policy with a tougher policy such as the complete breaking away from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the adoption of a measure for strengthening the nuclear deterrent.

His Songun leadership not only defended the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation but also enabled the Korean people to hasten the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

The Korean people accelerated the great project, afire with an ardent desire to build a powerful state as early as possible by running a thousand steps, ten thousand steps when others take one step, and filled with such a spirit of national self-respect as to create everything splendidly as if to attract others´ attention.

Astounding changes were brought about in all spheres of the economy and culture, including the successful launching of the artificial satellite Kwangmyongsong No. 1 and good results obtained in a nuclear test.



Small wonder that the world called the DPRK "a country boundlessly faithful to the leader´s final instruction", "a country which is taking hold of arms as its lifeline", "a heroic country firmly defending national sovereignty and dignity", and so on.

At present, too, the imperialists are threatening the Korean people´s right to live by keying up the situation through the faking up of a shocking incident whenever a good atmosphere of peace and stability is created on the Korean peninsula.

However, the Korean people will tenaciously defend, as hitherto, so in future, the dignity of their country by dint of unexcelled courage and pluck provided by Songun politics of the leader Kim Jong Il.


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