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Imperialists Accused of Committing Crimes

Under Signboard of “Human Rights Protection”

Military invasion and threat to sovereign states are going on in the international arena and vicious attempts are getting pronounced to bring down the socio-political systems of other countries by conspiratorial methods. Imperialists are perpetrating crimes under the signboard of “human rights protection.”

Rodong Sinmun on November 13 observes this in a signed article.

It goes on:

Imperialists are using human rights issues as levers to achieve their sinister aims.

They persistently pull up other countries over their “human rights issues” whenever an opportunity presents itself. A typical example of this is their behavior of the United States.

There can be no unique standard for human rights proper to all other countries of the world which differ from each other in their histories, cultural traditions, level of development and way of life. Moreover, the Western-style “standard of human rights” touted by the U.S. has no university and impartiality as it is reactionary and unjust. That is why it is rebuffed in every part of the world. The above-said standard which the U.S. seeks to impose on other countries is aimed at making their “view on value” and way of life prevail in all other countries in a bid to get the world obedient to Washington and put it under its control Herein lie the reactionary essence and goal of the imperialists’ touted “human rights protection.”

Imperialists are now becoming crafty in their moves to justify their aggression and interference in the internal affairs of other countries and human rights abuses under the signboard of “human rights protection”. This, however, brings their true colors as criminals into bolder relief.

 They would be well advised to face up to the present reality and stop using the hypocritical signboard of “human rights protection.

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