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"Cheonan" Case Termed Most Hideous
Conspiratorial Farce in History

 The inspection group of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea on Nov. 2 released the following first installment of a statement disclosing the truth behind the "Cheonan case":

 Seven months have passed since warship "Cheonan" of the south Korean puppet navy sank in the West Sea of Korea.

 No sooner had the case occurred than the U.S. imperialists and the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors deliberately linked the case with the DPRK as if they had waited for it to happen, kicking up an unprecedented anti-DPRK confrontation racket.

 The DPRK dismissed the groundless story about "the DPRK´s involvement" in the "Cheonan" case as a sheer fabrication and a conspiratorial farce from the outset and declared internally and externally its will to probe the truth behind the case to the last.

 The proposal for field investigation made by the inspection group of the NDC of the DPRK was prompted by this will.

 Much upset by the disclosure of the inside story about the case, the U.S. imperialists and the Lee group of traitors hastily announced "the results of the investigation" conducted by "civilian-army joint investigation team," desperately opposing the field survey by the NDC inspection group.

 As the "investigation results" were criticized for being full of suspicions, they made public a "final report,” another fabrication, recently only to be censured and ridiculed by all people.

 They have staged joint naval exercises reminiscent of "demonstration of armed forces" one after another in waters close to the DPRK while getting frantic with a racket for applying sanctions against it on the international arena.

 It was the original plan of the DPRK side to make public the truth of the case in the most scientific and legitimate manner after the completion of the field survey by the NDC inspection group.

 The U.S. imperialists and the group of traitors, however, not only objected the field survey but went the lengths of turning down even the proposal made by the DPRK out of magnanimity to jointly survey and estimate all material evidence which they claimed lifted from the waters where the ship sank after bringing them to Panmunjom.

 Under this situation the DPRK side decided to disclose before the world what sheer fabrication and conspiratorial farce they orchestrated on the basis of information gathered so far. The following is the first installment of the statement:

1. Aluminum alloy fragments prove themselves that the torpedo was not from the north.

 The U.S. imperialists and the "investigation team" of the Lee group of traitors claimed that the fragments of torpedo allegedly lifted from waters off Paekryong Islet where "Cheonan" sank were those of aluminum alloy.

 They opened to the public that the aluminum alloy was material evidence proving that the "torpedo was from the north" and that the "north attacked the ship."

 The army and people of the DPRK have silently watched how the U.S. imperialists and the group of traitors have behaved over the issue of these torpedo fragments as they pretended to be well informed of it. The army and people of the DPRK have exercised patience with an intention to verify them and clarify what they had in mind on the spot.

 Now that it has become impossible to verify them on the spot, they do not make any scruple of disclosing the truth about the case.

 The navy of the Korean People´s Army has torpedoes like navies of other countries and we do not hide the fact that it possesses torpedoes with such tremendous striking power that the world can hardly imagine.

 They are Juche-based torpedoes made of steel alloy material manufactured by workers of the DPRK, not aluminum alloy made in other countries.

 It was our original intention to hand steel alloy sample of a torpedo of the navy of the KPA to the U.S. imperialists and the group of traitors so that they may compare it with aluminum alloy. It was aimed to let them admit by themselves that the "story about attack on ´Cheonan´ by the north´s torpedo" was a sheer fabrication and a conspiratorial farce.

 The DPRK is still willing to directly hand the steel alloy sample of Juche-based torpedo to the U.S. imperialists and the group of traitors.

 The U.S. imperialists and the group of traitors have so far claimed that the aluminum alloy fragments were "those of the north´s torpedo" only to deny the "story" by themselves.

 Here we would like to more glaringly lay bare the hypocrisy and the inside story about the anti-DPRK conspiratorial scenarios including several "investigation reports" which the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces announced as regards the "Cheonan" case.

2. Propelling body is a sheer fabrication

 The propelling body is one of the decisive evidence produced by the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors to prove the story that the "north was involved" in the "Cheonan" case.

 The origin of this propelling body is doubtful, above all.

 It is nonsensical for them to claim that a civilian fishing boat appeared all of a sudden and netted the propelling body which dozens of warships equipped with sophisticated detecting devices failed to find out in at least 50 days. The propelling body which was shown by TV was different from what the "investigation team" opened to the public later.

 The propelling body, which was lifted by the fishing boat at that time, was reported to have been pasted with silver paper but there was no such thing on the 1.5 meter-long propelling body shown by the puppet group´s "investigation team" on May 20.

 This is not the only thing that aroused suspicion.

 At the outset the "investigation team" said that HMX, RDX and TNT explosive ingredients were detected from the hull of the warship "Cheonan".

 But there was information that no minute explosive ingredient was detected from the propelling body which they claimed was used for sinking the warship. It does not stand to reason that no gunpowder ingredient was detected from the torpedo which is to explode by power of gunpowder, ie from the propelling body of the torpedo which they claimed was used for breaking the 1 400 ton-class "Cheonan" into two.

 Driven to a tight corner, the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group excused themselves that they could not detect the explosive ingredient as it was dissolved in seawater because the propelling body remained in the very salty seawater for many hours. But this excuse turned out to be absurd as they had already made public that gunpowder ingredient was detected from the warship hull which remained on the bottom of the same waters for the same length of time.

 3. Torpedo design, mockery of world

It was disclosed that the torpedo design shown by the group of traitors in a bid to convince the public that the torpedo propelling body was "from the north" was full of suspicions. This is a great irony.

 At that time, the puppet group, making public the "results of joint investigation," shamelessly displayed in the venue of the news conference torpedo design CHT-02D it claimed was made by the north in a bid to make plausible its assertion that the propelling body of the torpedo which attacked the warship was "made by the north." It insisted it was certain that the propelling body was made by the north as "Guaranteed by the DPRK" was written on the catalogue of the torpedo design.

 However, the words written on the design were ascertained to be Japanese in fact.  It was brought to light that the torpedo motor according to the design was rectangular one, but the motor of the propelling body produced at the venue of the news conference was in streamlined shape.

When their clumsy plot proved to be false, they could not but admit that they explained those present at the press conference about "the propelling body from the north" with the help of a torpedo design different from the "torpedo" which had been produced.

 The falsity of the design is proved by the following facts:  The puppet group claimed in its "report on the results of the joint investigation" that the design was "one contained in north Korea´s torpedo brochure distributed for export" and "it was provided with the image of the torpedo CHT-02D by the information analyzing section." And the last part of the report referred to "the process of issuing the north´s computer words by printer," hinting that it was a computer file. This fact alone proves that whether the design is a printed matter or image or computer file remains uncertain.

 It was disclosed that the puppet group replaced the torpedo design by a new one in secrecy several times in a bid to convince the public at any cost that the propelling body was "from the north."

 This goes to prove that the propelling body produced by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group as strong evidence proving that the warship was sunk by the "torpedo attack by the north" was nothing but a sheer fabrication making a mockery of the world.

4. Writing style of "No. 1,” vivid manifestation of ignorance

 The U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces cited the writing style of "No. 1" written on the propelling body as strong evidence.

 Workers of the munitions industry of the DPRK do not use pens when writing any necessary figures in the process of manufacturing any accessory and equipment but carve them and in this case they use Korean word "Ho," not "Pon" (number). In a word, "No. 1" is not an ordinary writing style used in the DPRK.

 Moreover, had the warship been sunken by a torpedo attack, not only its head which caused explosion but its propelling body would have been seriously destroyed due to the high temperature and pressure which occurred during the explosion. Therefore, it is nonsensical that "No." remains as clear as what has just been written on the propelling body.

 When one looks at the back part of the propelling body and the rudder of the torpedo shown by the puppet "investigation team,” one can judge that their surfaces are heavily corroded.

 A torpedo is painted to prevent it from corrosion before its use. Its paint is burnt up due to high heat caused during its explosion and its remains are bound to be corroded under the sea.

Then there arises a question as to at what temperature the paint on the torpedo is burnt.

 It is the views of the relevant scientists that generally the boiling point of the paint of silicon and ceramic varieties that can stand the highest temperature is 760℃ and the boiling point of ordinary oil paint is 350℃-500℃.

 Supposing that 250kg of explosives were used to attack the warship as claimed by the puppet "investigation team," the temperature on the back part of the propelling body of the torpedo might be 325℃ at least and as high as over 1 000℃ at best right after its explosion when the energy generated by it is estimated.

 When taking into consideration the fact that the outer rudder at the edge of the back part of the torpedo remained corroded, its inside might be heated above the said temperature and the temperature inside of the back part of the propelling body on which "No. 1" was written might be as high as 325℃-1 000℃.

 But "No.1" was written by something like felt-tip pen, not by paint.

 The ink usually used for felt-tip pen worldwide is made up of xylene, toluene and alcohol. The boiling point of each ingredient is known to be 138.5℃, 110.6℃ and 78.4℃. So, the ink used on the back part of the propelling body might be burnt up at the temperature of 300℃.

If the outer paint is burnt up, the character "No.1" written with felt-tip pen should be burnt up and if the character is left, the outer paint should also remain. This is a science.

 However, the outer paint that stands high temperature was burnt up but the inner ink remains though it is burnt even in low temperature. With no rhetoric can the puppet group justify this inconsistency.

 It was quite natural that many personages said it was hardly understandable in the light of common sense why there was no similar character on other part of the propelling body of the torpedo if this was written by the north on it for the purpose of assembling it.

 The character "No. 1" only betrayed the lack of scientific knowledge and ignorance of plot-breeders, far from proving that the "torpedo was made by the north."

 A maritime expert conducted a personal experiment in the waters of the spot to scientifically prove the fact that the surface of the part on which the character was written was clearer than other parts as it was grinded by polishing paper to write new characters and it has never been under seawater.

 University professors of the U.S. and Canada made a precision analysis of the ink used for writing character "No. 1" and officially confirmed that it is used in south Korea, driving the tricksters into an inescapable tight corner.

 Everywhere in south Korea one can still hear such boos and jeers as that "blue buses ´No.1´ running in streets are the ones from the north for intruding into the south", "players of blue color uniform with ´No. 1´ on the playgrounds are players from the north" and "a nephew who has the same writing style as that used for writing character ´No.1´ is also a spy from the north." This clearly proves how ridiculous the evidence proving "No. 1" is.

5. "Story about column of water,” false statement made under coercion

Right after the occurrence of the warship case experts expressed as they pleased assertions and views on the cause of the case, saying that "it was stranded", "it was destroyed for its aging", "it was sunk by mine explosion", "it was sunk by the explosion of its ammunition chamber", etc.

But the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group floated the "story about column of water" in bid to brush aside the above-said assertions and convince the public at any cost that "the warship was sunk by the north´s torpedo attack".

If the warship was sunk by a torpedo attack, there would be naturally the rise of column of water.

Therefore, the "story about the column of water" drew attention of the public keen to clarify the cause of the case.

But the results of analysis of the testimonies made by crewmen of the warship and the soldiers who were on duty in the waters near the warship right after the occurrence of the case proved that there was no one who witnessed the column of the water. Then, unexpectedly, it was reported that a watchman on duty on Paekryong Islet said he saw the column of water. He was reported to have said that when looking at the waters at 270 azimuth angle about 4 km away from his position at a sound of bang, a white light flashed and disappeared.

But when comparing the location where he claimed saw the column of water with the position he was standing on duty, it was the place quite different from the scene of the incident and he witnessed nothing but "white light flash."

There was no one out of the 58 survivors of the incident who said he witnessed the column of water, light flash, flame and others that might happen at the time when the warship was attacked by a torpedo. The results of the examination of the dead by X-ray and other means showed that there was no trace of wounds caused by splinters or burns, except bone fracture, lacerated wound, etc.

This fact generally suggested that there was a small possibility that they died due to external hurt and suffocation but they drowned in the waters.

The puppet "investigation team" cited the story that there were drops of water on the face of a port watcher and there was a lot of seawater on the warship as an example to support the "story about the column of water" but this only became a target of ridicule.

A soldier who survived the incident had this to say: "At that time I was on duty of watching the starboard of the warship. I did not notice anything particular like a column of water when looking around." This statement flatly refuted the "story about the column of water" spread by the puppet group.

This fact proves that the above-said "story about the column of water" was a fabrication deliberately made by the upper echelon of the puppet military to convince the public that the warship was sunk by the "north´s torpedo attack."

6. "Course of channel style infiltration,” assertion of the blind

 The U.S. and the south Korean puppet group invented the story about "the course of channel style infiltration" by the north´s submarine into the said waters in a bid to prove that "Cheonan" was sunk by a torpedo attack of the DPRK.

 Right after the occurrence of the incident the U.S. and the south Korean puppet military authorities asserted that there was no mysterious movement of the Korean People´s Army before and after the outbreak of the incident.

 Later they published what they called "results of investigation" in which they claimed some mini-submarines and a mother-ship of the KPA navy supporting them were confirmed to have left its certain base in the West Sea of Korea 2~3 days before the occurrence of the incident and returned 2~3 days later.

 What matters is that there was neither a single mini-sub in that base touted by the puppet group nor any shadow of something similar to it.

 The puppet group insisted that the submarine sailed towards the international waters in the west after loading torpedo at the said base and veered to the south before sailing to the east to infiltrate in channel style close to waters off Paekryong Islet.

 There should be a limit to cooking up a lie.

 When the public demanded correct data proving the story spread by the puppet group, it categorically objected to it at the outset, asserting that it could not confirm it for fear of the exposure of the level of army intelligence gathering over the information about the movement of the DPRK´s submarines. But unable to turn down the public demand any longer, it uttered it could not show the image as its quality was poor because of bad weather.

In other words, the puppet group admitted itself that it failed to monitor any movement due to poor quality of image.

The puppet group boasted that it discerns submarines on the basis of the observation data obtained by the south Korea-U.S. joint intelligence gathering machine and the credibility of the round-the-clock observation of the respective area by the U.S. ultra-modern intelligence satellite is very high as it is based on the precision image data with resolution less than one meter. It is sheer abstraction for the puppet group to talk about "the course of channel style infiltration," while asserting that it could not produce correct observation results because of "poor image quality" before 1~2 days before and after the outbreak of the incident.

The observation was not be affected by weather for some days before and after the occurrence of the case. Its assertion about impossible observation only goes to prove that its story about the infiltration of the DPRK submarine was no more than a farce of its own making to bury it in a "black box".

7. Aluminum adsorbent scientifically rejected

 The U.S. and the south Korean puppet group presented even the analysis of adsorbent which they said found on hull and torpedo parts as scientific evidence proving the warship´s sinking by torpedo explosion. They asserted that as large quantity of white powder found on torpedo propelling body was of the same component with those found on several places of hull, it could be concluded that the warship was sunk by a torpedo attack.

 A precision analysis conducted by prestigious physicists of several countries including the DPRK categorically dismissed this assertion.

 The puppet "investigation team" asserted that aluminum used for making a torpedo turned into non-crystalline aluminum oxides when it exploded and cooled and that the non-crystalline aluminum oxides are detected as aluminum in energy spectroscope but not as aluminum in X-ray diffraction analysis.

 Physicists of several countries including the U.S. and Canada refuted the above-said assertion, saying that it is not possible that aluminum turns into non-crystalline aluminum oxides 100 percent when undergoing explosion and cooling and explained that the probability of aluminum turning into oxides 100 percent is close to 0 percent and the probability of the oxidized aluminum turning into non-crystalline without residue is also close to 0 percent. They gave particular explanation proving that the adsorbent found on the hull and torpedo propelling body asserted by the puppet "investigation team" are hardly produced in high temperature like at the time of explosion unlike non-crystalline aluminum oxides, a product of explosion, as they are formed in normal and low temperatures. To scientifically prove this, those physicists analyzed and verified the adsorbent by various means such as X-ray diffraction, energy spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and laser spectroscopy and even with the help of an electronic microscope. They even conducted direct experiment on it and proposed public experiment to the puppet "investigation team."

 Physicists of the DPRK shared the view with those physicists.

 The puppet group, however, did not respond to the proposal. It let loose such poor rhetoric that only oxidized non-crystalline aluminum, not oxidized crystalline aluminum, was detected in the initial examination because it was present in the minimum amount only to deny the scientific data and assertion made by themselves.

 The mock explosion of hull and torpedo and the analysis of resultant adsorbent which the puppet group has so far claimed to be the most scientific one among the investigation results only proved that they tried to justify the investigation results in a far-fetched manner, unaware of even the scientific truth that aluminum does not turn into non-crystalline oxides 100 percent through explosion.

8. Port screw and fluorescent lamps in good shape

 The puppet group staged such a farce as inviting people from all walks of life to look round the warship in the puppet Navy´s 2nd Fleet base in a bid to link the warship case with the DPRK. But this added to its worry.

 Those who went round the lifted warship cast more doubts about the case than understanding the explanation given by the puppet group. This is because there took place non-contact underwater explosion in the port of the warship but the port screw remained in good shape but the starboard screw was seriously deformed and fluorescent lamps in the part of the hull broken into two pieces are left as they were.

 The witnesses ridiculed that they have never seen the torpedo with super-precision striking power capable of breaking only the warship into two pieces, leaving the fluorescent lamps very close to the part where explosion took place as they are, asserting that these fluorescent lamps should be licensed as "magic fluorescent lamps" and "bullet-proof fluorescent lamps" which stood the torpedo explosion.

 As a matter of fact, the deformation of the screw provides core testimony to the fact that "Cheonan" was sunk without external factors. What is most important is to clear the basic doubts but the puppet group gave no explanation to this matter.

 When arguments gained in scope and strength, the puppet Ministry of Defense ambiguously spoke about the results of the analysis of the screw deformation and let loose a spate of sophism that there is no reason to assert that glass fluorescent lamps should be broken in case the "Cheonan" hull is broken into two, claiming that fluorescent lamps of the naval warship were made to stand any shock.

 The above-said port screw and fluorescent lamps provided strong evidence refuting the U.S. and the puppet group´s assertion that the warship was sunken by the "torpedo attack of the north".

 9.  Evidence proving warship´s stranding

 The biggest controversy this time was whether the warship was sunk by a torpedo attack or due to stranding.

 The puppet group opened to the media the bow and stern of the warship to which they had been barred from getting access to convince them that the warship was sunk by a torpedo attack.

 As regards this issue, experts asserted that all information about the "Cheonan" case clearly proved that it was stranded, adding that the "joint investigation team" committed a serious mistake when analyzing the cause of the incident.

 First of all, the waters where the bow of the warship was found is the waters between Paekryong Islet and Taechong Islet which abound in rocks.

 The torn part outside the port security guard of the stern, the bending of the left side of the security guard and the seriously scratched part along the framework of the hull and the security guard can be usually found when the hull is hit by a rock or sand ground.

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