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북부조국소식 | Murder of Queen Min Termed Japan’s State-sponsored Terrorism

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Murder of Queen Min Termed Japan’s State-sponsored Terrorism

The History Society of the DPRK released an indictment on Oct. 6 explaining how the Japanese aggressors planned and carried out the murder of Queen Min.

On October 8, 115 years ago the Japanese reactionary government organized a large group of murderers most of whom belonging to regular armed forces and stormed the royal palace of Korea to kill Queen Min in cold blood, the indictment said, and continued:

Min, queen of the 26th Emperor of Ri Dynastry Kojong, taking the discord inside the royal palace into account at that time, spoke for the king, administered state affairs and styled herself a de facto ruler and representative of the state power.

Her pro-Russian stand scuppered the Japanese aggressors’ “domestic policy reform”, making it difficult for Japan to step up its policy to dominate and colonize Korea unless a change took place.

As it became clear that not only its planned domination over Korea but the foundation already laid by it might collapse as long as Min was allowed to live, the Japanese government decided to put its assassination plot on Min into practice.

In June 1895 the Japanese government discussed the measure for maintaining the foothold of the pro-Japanese forces and singled out Lient. General Goro Miura as the chief of the assassination operation and appointed him as the Japanese diplomatic minister in Korea after a Cabinet meeting.

Shortly afterwards, the Japanese government and Miura discussed the plan to assassinate Min and reached an agreement on granting Miura unquestioned right to have all conditions and means provided for putting the plan into practice.

After working out an assassination plan, Miura made a final decision at a secret meeting room of the Japanese legation and specified an action program on October 3.

At dawn on October 8, hundreds of Japanese murderers gathered near the Kwanghwa Gate. They hurled training forces into a fierce exchange of fire with royal guards before setting up ladders against the wall of the royal palace and jumping down to fling open the Kwanghwa Gate.

These man-killers stabbed to death court ladies at random when they were running helter-skelter in screams for shelter as it was not only to find Min even though they familiarized themselves with her image on a photo.

However, they could finally confirm that a woman who fell down after being stabbed by a Japanese military police was Min after getting a tip-off from Min’s adopted daughter planted by Miura in the palace. They covered Min still alive with a single-layer quilt and carried her to a nearby forest of pine trees in Mt. Rok where they poured petroleum on her body and set her on fire. Not content with this, the murderers threw her scorched remains into a pond.

This cruel murder of the queen of a country was a serious infringement upon the sovereignty of the country and an unpardonable violation of the dignity of the nation.

This hideous unethical crime of the Japanese man-killers was perpetrated under the manipulation of the Japanese government from A to Z. The Japanese authorities ran the whole gamut of intrigues to hush up the case and evade the responsibility for it at any cost from the outset even though it was an unpardonable criminal act in view of its motive and objective and the course in which it was perpetrated. But the truth of history can never be written off.

The Korean people always keep tabs on the human rights abuses committed by Japan and will certainly force Japan to pay dearly for its thrice-cursed crimes.

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