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본회는 동포들의 북에 대한 이해와 판단을 돕고자 북녘 매체들의 글을 "있는 그대로" 소개합니다. 이 글들이 본회의 입장을 대신하는 것은 아님을 공지합니다. 

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[The Ureuk Symphony\orchestra]Searching for The Breath of National Unity (1) 

Uniting Korea through the Power of Music <Footsteps> 


The Ureuk Symphony\orchestra


The Ureuk Symphony\orchestra is a medium size\orchestra, composed about forty musicians. Based in New York, the members of\orchestra are primarily students rom the music conservatories of New York, the Juilliard School, the Manhattan School of Music,\and the Mannes College of Music, but also include young, professional New York musicians. The\orchestra performs four to five concerts per season. Its repertoire ranges principally rom the Baroque to the Romantic periods. In addition, many prominent artists, rom the United States\and abroad, appear as guest solists\and conductors with The\orchestra.

The Ureuk Symphony\orchestra can be traced back to the founding, in 1981, of the New York Alumni\orchestra of the College of Music, Seoul National University (SNU) in Korea.\originally, this intimate chamber\orchestra served to foster the New York musical community of Korean-American\and Koreans studying in the United States. As the SNU alumni\orchestra expended in its repertoire\and membership rolls, the\orchestra was renamed the Seoul Symphony\orchestra of New York in 1990. During the 1990s, the\orchestra its\orientation radically rom its roots as small Korean\orchestra in New York. The personnel include students\and professionals rom many backgrounds\and countries.  To reflect these changes, the\orchestra was re-organized\and renamed the Ureuk Chamber\orchesrta  in 1990. As it has moved beyond the framework of a medium size Korean\orchestra, the\orchestra has adopted the framework of diversity, recognizing the need to create a means for cultural awareness\and understanding through a musical society.

In addition, the main purpose of changing the name of the\orchestra is in anticipation of Korea`s re-unification. Also, Ureuk is the name of the man who invented the Kayakum; a great Korean musician, loved by all Korean, North\and South.


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