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북녘 | Peerless Patriot's Loving Care for People

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Peerless Patriot's Loving Care for People




The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il devoted his all to the happiness of the Korean people in his lifetime.


It can be well evidenced by the fact that he had put forward the improvement of people's living as the supreme principle of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the state to be adhered to in their activities.


There are many stories about his great loving care for the people.


Among them are those about ten goals he personally set for the production of consumer goods to drastically raise the material and cultural living standard of people in the 1970s and about the fact that in the 1980s he put forward it as the standard of calculation for the Workers' Party of Korea to spare nothing for people, saying new regulations should be adopted and existing ones reformed for the sake of people's convenience.


During the Arduous March, the forced march in the 1990s when the country was in difficulties, he took measures one after another for the improvement of people's living. Under his leadership, people-oriented policies like free compulsory education and free medical care continued to be enforced and colossal state investment was made in building a number of modern light industrial, poultry and condiments factories.


Despite the imperialists' persistent sanctions and blockade against the DPRK, the WPK and government unfolded a grand blueprint for building a socialist power and have vigorously waged the struggle for improving the people's standard of living, bringing about great revolutionary upswings.


Indeed, it would have been unthinkable without the wise leadership of peerless patriot Kim Jong Il that the supreme principle of the WPK and state in their activities has been invariably adhered to and thoroughly implemented.


As the Korean people holds in high esteem respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who gives steady continuity to the sacred history of the peerless patriot's great loving care for people, the history of giving priority to the people and respecting and loving them will always continue on this land.


[Source: Urimizokkiri]

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