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해외 | Trump, Put Yourself in the Shoes of DPRK

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Trump, Put Yourself in the Shoes of DPRK

Michel Chossudovsky 


The original source of this article is Global Research


North Korea Threatens America. They’re Coming, They’re Going to Blow Us Up


“And you know, we have this mad guy [Kim …], I guess he’s mad, either he’s mad or he’s a genius, one or the other, but he’s actually more unstable, even than his father, …” (Donald Trump, August 2016 during election campaign)


What was indelible about it [the Korean War of 1950-53] was the extraordinary destructiveness of the United States’ air campaigns against North Korea, from the widespread and continuous use of firebombing (mainly with napalm), to threats to use nuclear and chemical weapons, and the destruction of huge North Korean dams in the final stages of the war. …. (Bruce Cumings)


Trump believes that Kim Jong-un is crazy. Take him out.


The U.S. media concurs: the DPRK is a threat to US national security requiring a preemptive first strike THAAD missile attack in the name of “self defense”.


Who’s crazy? Kim or Trump? Never mind if it unleashes war with China and Russia.





Screenshot CNN


According to the Heritage Foundation:

“The rogue regime in North Korea poses one of the most dangerous threats to U.S. national security interests. Pyongyang presents a multifaceted military threat to peace and stability in Asia as well as a global proliferation risk.


Pyongyang responds by saying that the US (including 29,000 troops stationed in South Korea) constitutes a threat to the DPRK’s  national security, and they must defend themselves.

America, a threat to their national security?

They have no right to self defense.

The North Koreans are absolutely nuts.

Or are they?


General Curtis LeMay who coordinated the bombing raids against North Korea during the Korean War (1950-53) acknowledged that:

We went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North Korea anyway, someway or another, and some in South Korea too.… Over a period of three years or so, we killed off — what — twenty percent of the population of Korea as direct casualties of war, or from starvation and exposure?  Strategic Air Warfare: An Interview with Generals (1988)


But it was all for a good cause, killing to preserve democracy.


The territories North of the thirty-eighth parallel were subjected to extensive carpet bombing and fire-bombing using napalm, which resulted in the destruction of seventy-eight cities and thousands of villages.


As a result, almost every substantial building in North Korea was destroyed.


According to U.S. Major General William F. Dean:

“most of the North Korean cities and villages he saw were either rubble or snow-covered wastelands”.


According to award winning author and Vietnam war veteran Brian Willson:

“It is now believed that the population north of the imposed thirty-eighth Parallel lost nearly a third its population of eight to nine million people during the thirty-seven-month-long “hot” war, 1950-53, perhaps an unprecedented percentage of mortality suffered by one nation due to the belligerence of another.”


Forget about crazy rogue leaders.


Put yourself in the shoes of North Koreans, they’re fellow human beings.


Every single family in North Korea has lost a loved one during the Korean war. Ask them: who is the threat to “Their National Security”.


And its not over.  The DPRK has been threatened with a US nuclear attack for more than sixty years.


Imagine what would happen if a foreign power had attacked America, all major cities had been destroyed and 20 percent of the US population killed. How would you feel?


That’s what happened to North Korea.


Spread American democracy. Kill the Communists.


Who’s the threat to Global Security, North Korea or the United States?



Moreover he doesn’t have an understanding of 20th Century history, nor is he able to comprehend the unspoken consequences of a first strike US led nuclear attack.


The World is at a dangerous crossroads. The architects of US foreign policy are insane.


In the words of Stephen Lendman, Trump wants to ignite Korean War 2.0, which inevitably would lead to military escalation beyond the Korean peninsula.



Pyongyang in rubble (1953)


This is not The Trump Tower in New York, it’s Pyongyang.

Is this what Trump wants to destroy? Again?







Pyongyang Changjon Street











Pyongyang rebuilt today

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research
The 4th Media
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