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Confrontational Concept Should be Dropped

Confrontational concept is quite contrary to the present era in which all the Koreans aspire after national reconciliation and unity and this concept is the leftovers of the old era that should be removed at an early date to improve the north-south ties and achieve independent reunification of the country and prosperity common to the nation.

It is a matter of overriding importance to get rid of the narrow-minded concept of confrontation that goes against reunification, now that the atmosphere of improving the north-south ties is being created.

Insistence on one's own assertions to meet one's own interests in disregard of the interests of the nation will create great difficulties in the way of improving the north-south ties.

Habits practiced in the confrontation era can cause repugnance and inspire the idea of ignoring the other party rather than the feelings of familiarity.

But nothing will be problem if one is committed to ending confrontation.

No problem will be insoluble if one is constant in one's attitude and stand to advance dialogue, cooperation and reunification together with the fellow countrymen of the same blood, away from the feelings of mistrust and confrontation, as the Korean nation's homogeneity remains unchanged.

This is evidenced by the fact that the north and the south successfully concluded the working-level talks for the normalization of the Kaesong Industrial Zone despite turns and twists and adopted an agreement for the reunions of separated families and relatives.

When the Koreans in the north and the south pool their creative ingenuity and wisdom and fully tap their potentials, Korea can emerge as an advanced and powerful country that leads the world.

No one can replace the Korean nation in reunifying the country. It is none other than the Koreans who desire for reunification being responsible for it and it is also the Koreans who will benefit from it.


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