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Immortal Is the Cause of the Sun

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July is the month of yearning.

This is the 13th July since the Korean nation was writhing with bitter sorrow for the sudden demise of President Kim Il Sung in July 1994. As days go by, the yearning for the President is getting stronger in the minds of the whole nation.

Marking the day, the entire nation are leaning toward the Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the President lies in state .

Upon retrospection, President Kim Il Sung was a peerless great man who devoted his all only for the country, nation and people.

Setting out from his teens on the road to liberate the country from the Japanese colonial rule, he initiated the immortal Juche idea with his unique intelligence to lighten the road ahead of the independent era and provide the Korean nation and world oppressed people with the powerful weapon for freedom and liberation. Thanks to his great Songun idea that the destiny of the country and nation and its sovereignty depend on arms and thanks to his bloody traces of anti-Japanese struggle marked on the every Changbaeksan range and every bend of the River Amnok, the Korean nation could meet the country´s liberation. It was President Kim Il Sung who glorified Korea by founding independent democratic state and it was also Kim Il Sung who created the imperishable myth of heroic Korea by smashing the armed invasion of the US and 15 allied countries with his distinguished wisdom and commanding art.

The President established the powerful socialist state of independence, self-support and self-defense on the ruins after the war, thus providing the people with dignified and worthwhile life and turned this land into a people´s paradise admired by the world with his endless devotion.

Always finding himself among the people by regarding it as his lifelong motto "The people are my god", he walked and walked exposing himself in the rain or snow for the happiness of the people. That is why the Korean people never forget him eternally with warmer heart as time flows.

Hardly describable is the efforts he made for national reunification which he regarded as the most precious present he could give to the nation. Neither the era of independent reunification based on "By our nation itself" nor the noted or unnamed pro-reunification patriotic fighters will convey all of the immortal exploits the President performed for the national reunification.

Because Kim Il Sung, from the noble mission of global independence, provided unselfish support to those desirous of justice and truth and led them with trust and love, transcending differences in nationality and border, even today the yearning and admiration for Kim Il Sung are getting more ardent across the world.

From olden times the sun has been said as the symbol of the greatest and the most benevolence. It is because the sun brightens the darkness and gives life to all things with its light, heat and attractive force and moves the enormous solar system.

President Kim Il Sung whom the Korean nation has acclaimed for the first time in its thousands of year-long history is the great man just like the sun.

He elucidated the road ahead of mankind with his brilliant foresight like the sun´s light and provided genuine happiness and worthwhile life to the people with his warm and enthusiastic devotion like the sun´s heat.

And his bosom is that of the sun with attractive force, who embraced and led all people with his lofty virtue and broad magnanimity.

Indeed, the brilliant life of Kim Il Sung who devoted his 80-odd year-long life only to the fatherland, nation and people, having risen as the sun of Juche in those days of national ruin was the sacred life of an outstanding great man unprecedented in human history.

That was why the entire nation wept and the three thousand-ri of Korea was writhing with bitter sorrow for his sudden demise. The world also grieved over his death, saying the planet lost its light.

But the sun is eternal.

Today the Korean people are blessed with leaders and generals for generations for having another great sun.

Kim Jong Il created the unique mode of Songun politics and is advancing forward victoriously the cause of national independence.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il, who is admired by the world people as the sun of Songun, nation´s independence and dignity are demonstrated at the highest stage and the Korean nation could meet the new era of independent reunification.

Under the rays of the great Songun the dawn of a reunified prosperous and powerful nation is breaking on the three thousand-ri land of Korea.

When the 70 million Korean people intensify the struggle to add luster to the June 15 reunification era by attaching importance to nation, maintaining peace and realizing unity under the great banner of Songun, the day of reunification, the cherished desire of the nation, will be accelerated without fail when they will be highlighted in the world as "Kim Il Sung´s Korea", "Kim Il Sung´s nation"..

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