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The lunar New Year´s Day has come in the DPRK where the national aroma is pervaded and the Juche character and the national character are fully bloomed.

On this morning of the lunar New Year´s Day the people in the DPRK express boundless reverence to leader Kim Jong Il who is always considerate to preserve and glorify national traditions, keenly realizing his efforts and benevolence.

It was January 2 of a year.

The whole country and people were in holiday mood but on the day, too, Kim Jong Il was indulged in his work and called an official.

Giving concrete teachings on the overall undertakings of the Party, state and military, he changed the subject to the New Year´s Day.

Kim Jong Il said that it will be good to make it a tradition to observe the lunar New Year´s Day jubilantly in future.

Seeing him who values traditional holidays and peculiar traditional manners and customs of the nation stressed the need to observe the lunar New Year´s Day more festively, the officials fell into deep thought.

In fact, he gave precious teachings many times on celebrating the lunar New Year´s Day jubilantly.

Years ago, on one January day, saying that from olden times the Korean nation traditionally observe the lunar New Year´s Day, if we don´t observe it, our posterity would be unknowable of it, he proposed to celebrate the coming lunar New Year´s Day greatly and gave the officials a task to think over how to observe the day in more festive mood.

Later Kim Jong Il said to the officials that his step to celebrate the lunar New Year´s Day was greatly welcomed by the people, especially the aged people and President Kim Il Sung was also very satisfied with it.

He indicated detailed teachings on the matters of preserving the nation´s peculiar cultural traditions and life customs by celebrating the folk holidays meaningfully and encouraging the people to prefer playing folk games in order to enhance the national pride among them and to foster cultural and emotional life throughout the whole society.

Not content with this, he saw art performances with the Korean People´s Army soldiers or visited their outposts and congratulated them on the lunar New Year´s Day.

That is not all.

Kim Jong Il always pays deep attention to the fact that national costume, folk food, greetings of the Korean way, folk games and many other national ones are encouraged and developed.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il´s seasoned leadership ours, the soul of the Korean nation are taken priority and folk traditions become full-fledged day by day in the DPRK.

The streets and the villages adorned with the holiday decorations are resonant with the sound of laughing and merrily singing of the people enjoying the lunar New Year´s Day to their hearts´ content.

Indeed, having the peerless patriot Kim Jong Il in high esteem, 5,000-year-long national history and national traditions are added lustre more and more.

Today the people in the fatherland cherishing deep in their hearts the pride that our nation is best are advancing dynamically toward the top pass of the great, prosperous and powerful nation, singing the songs of ours to our tune and beat.

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