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Rodong Sinmun carries an article on October 13, 2008.

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It reads:


A foolish act like beating the air


The moves of the Lee Myung Bak group to instigate confrontation with the DPRK and abuse inter-Korean joint declarations are reaching to the intolerable phase.

Days ago the riffraff of the ruling Grand National Party at the "parliamentary inspection" of the "Ministry of Unification" abused the historical meaning of the October 4 declaration, piffling that it is just the "items of agreement" that failed to win "nation-wide sympathy".

They even taunted that the October 4 declaration is a "case of accusation" the precedent "government" unilaterally agreed on in disregard of the large amount of budget needed.

It is an irrational act to push the inter-Korean relations to rupture that the ruling Grand National Party openly spoke ill of the October 4 declaration which is a sacred reunification program common to the nation adopted by the north-south summits last year.

The reckless remarks of the GNP group clearly reveal once again the anti-national attitude and stance of the Lee Myung Bak group who are keen on inter-Korean confrontation in obstinate opposition to the June 15 and October 4 declarations.

The historic October 4 declaration serves as a milestone common to the nation which indicates the way to raise the inter-Korean relations that achieved great development after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration up to the new stage of peace, prosperity and reunification.

The October 4 declaration won the thunderous applause and support of the whole nation, which will usher in the new chapter of national history for independent reunification and peace and prosperity.

The days of publication of the declaration were the days of sympathy and support for the declaration replete with excitement and joy in south Korea. The GNP is never ignorant of it.

This notwithstanding, they work hard to eradicate the October 4 declaration, piffling "nation-wide sympathy".

The negative attitude of the GNP toward inter-Korean joint declarations has already been unrevealed.

From the first day of the publication of the June 15 declaration they provoked every item of the declaration, hindered its implementation and even abused it as a "thing bought with money" with a bad intention to damage the inter-Korean summit meeting.

The reactionary party´s moves to drive the inter-Korean relations to that of the confrontation days before the publication of the June 15 declaration reach very critical phase.

Abusing even the inter-Korean summit meeting is an imprudent act like beating the air which can never be tolerable.

Their reckless act is none other than an open declaration to nullify the June 15 and October 4 declarations and go into frontal confrontation with the DPRK.

Here in lies the severity of the issue.

The favorably developed inter-Korean relations have been getting worse since the assumption of power by Lee Myung Bak.

Soon after he took the power, Lee made the sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the compatriots a policy, denied the inter-Korean joint declarations and cut off the dialogue and cooperation undertakings between the north and the south. A few days ago, he showed his intention against the declaration by evading his obvious stance to the north-south joint declaration talking about the "existing north-south agreement" .

The current unreasonable act of the GNP rejecting the October 4 declaration to provoke the DPRK is an inevitable results of the Lee´s inter-Korean confrontation policy.

The reality shows that Lee Myung Bak´s "mutual living", "sincerity" and the "dialogue with open heart" are nothing but a deception and a falsehood covering his anti-reunification nature.

The GNP´s frenzy for north-south confrontation and anti-reunification as the rubber stamp of Lee Myung Bak is evoking indignation and hatred of the whole nation.

The Lee Myung Bak group´s such efforts will only accelerate their self-ruin.

The Lee group should think over the catastrophic results their anti-reunification rash acts will exert upon the whole inter-Korean relations and the prospect of the nation and behave discreetly.



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