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On October 10, 1945, the Workers´ Party of Korea proclaimed its foundation. Since then the WPK has been consistently implementing the line of building up the Party as a mass-based party, the policy put forward by President Kim Il Sung, its founder and leader.

The President pointed out that the Party should be built to champion the interests of all people, while emphasizing the interests of the working class preferentially, and to admit the progressive elements of all working masses including the working class.

The Workers´ Party of Korea, adhering to the Party-building line, united the broad masses into one and reinforced its membership with progressive, well-trained elites.

It never stuck to existing theories; it regarded the workers, peasants and even intellectuals not as temporary partners but as eternal companions of the revolution. Its emblem bears the marks of the hammer, the sickle and the brush–symbolizing the workers, peasants and intellectuals–thus demonstrating its characteristic as a mass party of the working people.

Setting it as its main task to expand the Party membership and consolidate it in quality, the WPK worked hard to the end.

All descriptions of rightist and leftist deviations within the Party were successfully put under control, and the broad masses were enlisted in political organizations, while their training was intensified. Party loyalists supported by the people were elected Party leaders at all levels.

The WPK always paid deep attention to work with the people to suit its nature as a party of the working people. It was an essential task in developing the Party into the one that is deeply rooted among the broad masses and enjoys their absolute support and trust.

Under the slogan "Serve the people!" the Party has regarded it as the supreme principle in its activities to put the people´s desire and interests above all else and provide them with an independent and creative life. Always regarding the things popular as absolute, it has implanted the intentions and desire of the people in every line and policy. As a result, the taxation system was abolished in the DPRK long ago, and the universal 11-year compulsory education system, the free medical care system and other popular policies have been in force.

The WPK has developed into the Party more closely united with the people since the leader Kim Jong Il began to assist the President in Party work.

Kim Jong Il started to work at the Party Central Committee in the mid-1960s. From then on he paid special attention to rooting out bureaucratic and authoritarian practices in the Party. He suggested the slogan "Let the whole Party go among the masses!", encouraging the Party officials to share everything with the masses and look after their life.

In Korea the Party workers call themselves servants of the people, finding the greatest joy in serving the people and making it their sacred duty. For this reason, the Korean people call them "our Party workers" and the WPK "motherly Party", expressing their absolute trust.

Kim Jong Il made public his work On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building on October 10, 1992, and several other works on various occasions, in which he put emphasis on strengthening the political foundation of the Party in building and managing activities of the party of the working class. The WPK, always true to his instructions as guiding lines, has consolidated its political foundation rock-firm, safeguarding and satisfying the interests of the popular masses.

The WPK has displayed its might to the full as the advocate and champion of the working people´s interests in the course of its revolutionary practice.

At the close of last century when socialism collapsed and ruling parties were deserted by the people in some countries, the WPK forged more unbreakable ties with the popular masses.

The WPK led the nation to overcome harsh trials due to economic difficulties by believing in the people and stimulating them ideologically–many factories and enterprises were built and a lot of power stations constructed across the country to ease the power strain of the nation, thus improving the people´s livelihood.

Now the Party is victoriously advancing the historic cause of building a great, prosperous powerful nation by cementing more firmly the single-hearted unity with the people led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.



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