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Health Foods Attracting Attention

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The DPRK is concentrating its efforts on developing health foods.

Public health and biological science research institutions have developed various kinds of specially efficacious health foods.

They are made with natural medicines including Panax schinseng and Ganoderma growing in the northern highland of the country. Among them are anti-radiation honey and eye strain relieving honey. Their everyday administration helps people swiftly relieve from mental and physical fatigue and prevent heart diseases and thrombosis.

Yanggeron manufactured by a folk method with a long history is a sort of tonic which gives youthful vitality to the user.

The nutritive pine flower pills contain materials needed for the human body such as various vitamins, microelements, essential amino acid and polysaccharide which are good for health promotion.



Besides, active nutrient pills, functional health food, and nutritive powder and nutrient jelly, health food complexes, are also popular among the people.

Kumsamsu, Chongjiryong, Chongsinjong, Chonghyolsodangjong, Poganjong, Unicolon and others which are potent for health protection find their way to foreign markets.




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