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Revolutionary fighter Kim Won Ju


The indomitable revolutionary fighter Kim Won Ju (September 22, 1927−June 28, 1957) led a glorious life, burning with a whole-hearted desire to consummate the revolutionary cause of Juche started by President Kim Il Sung.

Born of a patriotic and revolutionary family which had devoted its all to the country and people for generations during the military occupation of Korea by the Japanese imperialists, Kim Won Ju grew up, keenly able sadness of a colonial stateless nation.

Often hearing of legendary stories about the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by Kim Il Sung, he was awakened and embarked on the road of revolution in his early years.

In the days when the downfall of the Japanese imperialists was close at hand, he made every effort to form an anti-Japanese underground revolutionary organization which would join in the final offensive operation of the Korean People´s Revolutionary Army in pursuance of the President´s strategic intention of kindling the flames of all-people resistance throughout the country.

The KPRA small units, groups and political operatives were dispatched to all parts of the country to carry out a task of pushing forward preparations for all-people resistance set by Kim Il Sung. By their vigorous activities the armed organizations of all-people resistance with different names were being formed. Kim Won Ju went out among young people to educate them in the anti-Japanese patriotic ideas, tell them about the struggle of the KPRA and appeal to them to turn out in the struggle against the Japanese imperialists.

After bringing up hard cores with much effort he convened a secret meeting in March Juche 32 (1943). He stressed the need and importance of the formation of an organization and decided to call it the Fatherland Liberation Corps. Then, he set up the military, publicity, supply and liaison departments and clarified the immediate tasks of the organization and procedures and principles to be observed in admitting recruits into the organization.



An art work depicting the ardent revolutionary fighter Kim Won Ju
    who guides the meeting of the Fatherland Liberation Corps for the
      preparation of an all-people resistance against the Japanese imperialists.


The FLC was formally organized in July Juche 33 (1944). Thanks to Kim Won Ju´s energetic activities its firm framework was formed long before its organization and its operations were active and ranks were expanded.

The FLC made it its main aim to raise an armed revolt in combination with the operation of the KPRA for national liberation. While expanding its organizational networks, it stretched out its organizational channel to the enemy´s government organs and acted vigorously in the wide areas including North and South Phyongan Provinces and Hwanghae Province.

The FLC took an active part in the anti-Japanese uprising in combination with the final offensive operation of the KPRA in August Juche 34 (1945), thus making a great contribution to destroying the Japanese imperialists and achieving the historic cause of national liberation.

Though the life of Kim Won Ju was not long, his achievements in the struggle for the country and people will shine forever in the history together with the exploits of the FLC in implementing the plan of Kim Il Sung for all-people resistance.


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