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During DPRK Founding

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On August 15, Juche 34 (1945), Korea was liberated from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists.

The people had a high zeal for the building of the country but they did not know which way to go.

Which way did the liberated Korea have to choose?

On October 3, that year, President Kim Il Sung issued the work "On Progressive Democracy." In the work, he said that the Korean people wanted to take the road towards progressive democracy that would, not in word but in deed, make the popular masses become the masters of their country and make everyone free and happy, and stressed the need to set up an independent and sovereign state based on progressive democracy, that is, a Democratic People´s Republic.

By founding the Workers´ Party of Korea, a revolutionary party of the working class, (October 10, 1945), he strengthened the working masses as the driving force of revolution and paid deep attention to solving the problem of power.

On the basis of such experiences, he saw to it that the people´s committees were organized in all localities 2-3 months after national liberation and set up the North Korean Provisional People´s Committee on February 8, Juche 35(1946).

Afterwards he enforced all democratic reforms such as the land reform, the nationalization of major industries and the labour law. The political awareness and enthusiasm of the people rose in the work to consolidate the successes achieved. Many national cadres were trained, the economic foundation of the country was strengthened and regular revolutionary armed forces were founded.

On this basis, Kim Il Sung called the Conference of Leaders of Political Parties and Social Organizations of North and South Korea on June 29, Juche 37(1948), to put forward the policies of setting up an all-Korea supreme legislative body representing the Korean people´s will and adopting the Constitution of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea.

After the conference, he preferentially pushed on with the work of drawing up a draft constitution. He gave instructions in detail on the system and contents of the constitution and even its concrete expressions. When the draft was completed, he said it would fully represent the people´s desire only when opinions of the broad masses were accepted, and had it brought up for an all-people discussion. The draft received full support from all the people.

Based on the constitution, he pushed forward with the work of electing deputies to the Supreme People´s Assembly to set up an all-Korea supreme legislative body and a central government.

In north Korea voters held public meetings and recommended the representatives of all strata, including workers, farmers, office workers, intellectuals, businessmen, merchants, handicraftsmen and religionists, and those of parties and social organizations as candidates for deputies to the SPA according to their free will. In all parts of south Korea, too, the nomination was done successfully.

The Supreme People´s Assembly, the first national unified supreme legislative body in Korea, was established following the successful general election in the north and the south of Korea on August 25, Juche 37(1948).

The First Session of the SPA on September 2, Juche 37(1948), deliberated on and adopted by a unanimous vote the DPRK constitution, which had received unanimous support of the Korean people through the all-people discussion, and elected the Presidium of the SPA as the standing organ of the all-Korea supreme legislative body.

On September 8, the fifth-day First Session of the SPA elected Kim Il Sung the premier of the DPRK Cabinet and the head of state, according to the unanimous will and desire of all the Koreans.

On September 9, the President proclaimed the founding of the DPRK to the world, and formed the government. The next day he announced the political programme of the DPRK government, whose aim was to achieve the full reunification of the country and build a prosperous, democratic and independent sovereign state.

The founding of the DPRK was an epoch-making event, the auspicious one of the Korean nation, unprecedented in its 5,000-year-long history. It heralded the appearance of the independent people and the birth of Juche Korea.

That President Kim Il Sung founded the DPRK to make the Korean people change their status from the object of politics to its master and from the slave of fate to its master is an immortal exploit he accomplished for the happiness of the people and the prosperity of the nation.


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