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Statement of Spokesman for the History Society of the DPRK

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The Japanese authorities recently decided to write Tok Islet as part of the Japanese territory in the "new teaching guidelines" for primary and middle schools of Japan and officially announced it to the world.

This clearly proves that the moves of Japan to grab Tok Islet, part of inviolable territory of Korea, have reached the phase of its implementation.

The History Society of the DPRK, regarding the Japanese reactionaries´ move to grab Tok Islet as their attempt to reinvade Korea, bitterly denounces it in the name of all the  historians.

The history tells that the Tok Islet is part of the inviolable territory of Korea.

Korea was the first country that discovered the islet and annexed it to its territory before proclaiming it to the public at home and abroad. It has also exercised the dominion over the islet through generations.

Historical materials proving this fact have been recently unearthed in different places one after another.

Such being a hard fact, the Japanese authorities have become desperate in insisting on their far-fetched assertion that Tok Islet belongs to territory of Japan. Not content with this, they are working hard to convince even the pupils of the primary and middle schools of this claim.

Japan has historically been indulged in telling lies and the looting.

The aim sought by Japan in tampering with history and persistently spreading the lie that other´s territory belongs to it is to grab Tok Islet at present and the whole of Korea in the future and, furthermore, reinvade the rest of Asia.

The Japanese authorities had better stop at once their brigandish act to grab Tok Islet.

The Korean people will never allow Japan to realize its anachronistic ambition for overseas aggression but deal a resolute and merciless blow to it in case it violates the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK even a bit.


July 29, Juche 97(2008)



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