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The Fatherland Liberation War made Korea and the Koreans well known as heroic country and heroic people throughout the world.

Instead of finding a lesson in their defeat in the war, the US imperialists, seeking a chance to invade Korea, continuously made war provocation manoeuvres in the sky and on the land and the sea. But each time they met bitter defeats by the Korean people who are filled with the spirit of defending their country.

On January 23, 1968, the US sent its armed spy ship Pueblo into the territorial waters of the DPRK in the East Sea of Korea. The DPRK took self-defensive measures and captured the ship and its over 80 crewmen. Threatening to launch "military offensive," the US concentrated a lot of warships and armed forces in the East Sea, driving the situation to the verge of war.

In the grim situation Korea replied squarely, "´Retaliation´ with retaliation and all-out war with all-out war."

Daunted by Korea´s harder-line stand, the US withdrew its military forces and sent a letter of apology assuring that its ships would never again intrude into the territorial waters of Korea.

At present the Pueblo is anchored on River Taedong as the witness of history, reminding the Koreans of the past victorious days.


The Pueblo anchored on River Taedong


Later on, the US imperialists repeated manoeuvres to start a new war. The "EC-121 espionage plane incident" (1969) and "Panmunjom" incident (1976) can be cited. But each time the criminals were severely punished by the Korean People´s Army.

The 1990s was the period of the fiercest confrontation between the DPRK and the US. In the early 1990s the US made a fuss about the "nuclear threat" of Korea. It instigated the UN and IAEA to force an "inspection" on Korea while resuming the suspended "Team Spirit" joint military exercises, unprecedentedly intensifying its political and military pressure on Korea.

The Korean people again emerged victorious under the guidance of leader Kim Jong Il.

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il of the KPA ordered to declare a semi-war state across the country and made sure that the government made public a statement announcing the country´s withdrawal from the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. When the DPRK was in the greatest national mourning over the sudden demise of President Kim Il Sung, the US viciously manoeuvred to isolate and stifle the country, saying that the "collapse of Korea is only a matter of time." At that juncture Kim Jong Il inspected KPA units under the banner of Songun, and further strengthened the driving force of revolution by consolidating the single-hearted unity of the Party, the state, the army and the people in every way.

Under his Songun leadership, the Korean people victoriously advanced the socialist cause with the firm belief in future victory, while further strengthening the military power of the country even when it was undergoing difficulties.

The world is convinced of Korea´s victory while seeing the country adhering to the socialist banner without the slightest vacillation in the face of any threats and economic sanctions.

Nepalese newspaper, in their articles under such titles as "The reason why the US cannot match the DPRK," wrote as follows: "The US, even after suffering a great defeat in the war against the DPRK, kept restoring to every conceivable means to stifle Korea, but in vain. The first reason is that Korea has an outstanding leader, the second is all its people are united single-heartedly, the third is it has strong military power. As the Korean war in the 1950s ended in the victory of Korea on July 27, 1953, the Korean people are now going to meet another July 27 amid their confrontation with the US." The newspaper then emphasized that a July 27 in the 21st century will be the day of a great event, the result of Songun politics of the leader Kim Jong Il.

Today the Korean people are victoriously promoting the revolution and construction with firm confidence that the history of the victorious July 27 will continue invariably as long as they are led by the leader Kim Jong Il.


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