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Some days ago the Japanese authorities decided to write Tok Islet as part of the Japanese territory in the new teaching guidelines for primary and middle schools of Japan and officially announced them.

The Japanese reactionaries´ undisguised moves to seize Tok Islet is a rough violation of the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation and a direct challenge to the whole nation and the international community.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland brands the Japanese authorities´ measure to educate the students in the "dominion over Takeshima" as an unpardonable move for reinvasion of Korea and vehemently denouncing this in the name of the whole nation.

It is indisputable that the Tok Islet is a part of the sacred territory of the Korean nation.

This was clearly proved already long ago by historical facts and geographical and legal evidence. More historical materials proving this fact have been unearthed in different countries and in Japan, too, recently.

This notwithstanding, the Japanese reactionaries, not content with making far-fetched assertion that Tok Islet belongs to Japan´s territory, are working hard to convince the young Japanese of this assertion. This can be perpetrated only by the ferocious aggressors and brazen-faced robbers.

The Japanese reactionaries´ distortion of history and the moves to seize Tok Islet are a prelude of reinvasion of the DPRK and other Asian countries, auguring the signs of an approaching storm of aggression.

The Korean people will never allow the Japanese reactionaries to grab the inviolable territory of Korea, the precious treasure and cradle of existence, prosperity and life of the nation but force them to pay without fail for the above-said moves as well as for the crimes committed by Japan in the past.

The brazen-faced and provocative moves of the Japanese reactionaries are attributable to the Lee Myung Bak group´s sycophancy towards Japan and acts of treachery.

As already exposed, traitor Lee visited Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, soon after he took power and talked about "the new south Korea-Japan era" and that "he would not question the past", unhesitatingly selling off the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak´s act of keeping mum about undisguised moves to seize the islet, to say nothing of the crimes committed by it in the past and conniving at them is encouraging the Japanese samurais in their wild ambition for reinvention.  

It is quite natural that the south Korean people are dismissing the measures taken by the Japanese government concerning the education of "claim to Tok Islet" as the "outcome of the Lee Myung Bak group´s worst subordinate diplomacy", urging the Lee regime to withdraw from power.

It is a foolish daydream for Japan to try to grab the islet of Korea with the help of Lee, the traitor identical to the "five traitors of 1905".

The Korean nation will never pardon such traitor as Lee Myung Bak.

The south Korean people should look at the matter correctly, resolutely frustrate the Japanese reactionaries´ reckless move to grab the Tok Islet and deal a stern judgement to the Lee Myung Bak group.




July 19, Juche 97 (2008)



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