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Everlasting Will Be the Immortal Feats the President Performed for the…

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Even in Last Period of His Great Career


President Kim Il Sung spent extremely busy days in April, Juche 83 (1994). Colorful celebration functions were held and lots of overseas compatriots and foreign guests visited him to congratulate on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

Though busy he was participating the continuous celebration functions, he gave guidance to the large-scale meetings and received guests without a day´s good rest.

On Apr. 4, he congratulated and posed for photographs with the representatives of the national convention of the party cell secretaries, met and had a talk with the head of a foreign government before hosting a banquet and making a welcome address. On Apr. 5, he participated in the Seventh Session of the Ninth Supreme People´s Assembly and on Apr. 7, he visited the lodging of the head of the foreign government to bid farewell to him.

Although he was so busy, he never forgot the national reunification even for a moment.

On April 13, Kim Il Sung gave answers to the questions raised by the general director of the Cuban News Agency Prensa Latina to bring light to the prospective of the national reunification. On Apr. 16 and 17, he met a journalists´ delegation from an American newspaper, The Washington Times, a journalists´ delegation from CNN International and a Japanese journalists´ delegation to express his firm will to put an end to the national division forced by the outsiders and accomplish the national reunification. On Apr. 21, he met a Korean woman journalist residing in the United States and had a talk on devotion to the patriotic struggle for national reunification.

Indeed the President Kim Il Sung is the father of the nation and lodestar of the national reunification who devoted even the April of the last year of his great career to the national reunification.


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