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Immortal Autographic Letters and Whole Life Dedicated to Reunification

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President Kim Il Sung, sun of the nation and the lodestar of national reunification, rendered his whole life to the nation and reunification of the country

Bearing the ever-increasing yearning for the President, the Korean people look back with warm hearts upon his sacred life. And they emotionally recall the autographic letters he left on the reunification-related document in the last period of his life.


"Kim Il Sung, July 7, 1994"


His autographic letters are only 9 letters in Korean, but they make the onlookers filled with such a noble feeling.

His autographic letters are fraught with the peerless great man´s great career devoted to reunification.

Leader Kim Jong Il said.

"The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung strongly desired and worked hard all his life for the reunification of our country. He was unhappy more about the national sufferings caused by national division than about anything else, and took all the pains and put his heart and soul into the cause for national reunification till the last moment of his life in order to hand down a reunified country to posterity."

What the President imagined while traversing the bloody path of the anti-Japanese struggle was not the nation or country divided by the foreign forces. It was a prosperous and powerful independent and sovereign state in which the Korean nation freed from the Japanese colonial rule live harmoniously as masters of the country.

Therefore from the first period of the national division, he regarded reunification as the supreme task of the nation and put his heart and soul to accomplish it.

The Korean nation still remember May 3 of 36 years ago.

That day the President met with the delegate of south Korea who stayed in Pyongyang to participate in the inter-Korean high-level political talks. The delegate of the south side was fascinated by the President who received him with generosity, disregarding his past career for the unity and reunification of the nation.

Through midnight, the President explained to him the significance of the inter-Korean high-level political talks held for the first time and the urgency of the national reunification at the present stage. He continued that in order to reunify the country, it is necessary to establish the fundamental principles correctly, which can serve as the basis for the solution of the reunification question. He elucidated logically phrase by phrase the principles of independence, peaceful reunification and the great national unity he had contemplated from long ago. The principles were so patriotic and just that the chief delegate of the south side repeatedly agreed to the three principles of national reunification, adding the top authority of the south side would also agree.

It was close on daybreak when the talk was over. The President stayed up all night for reunification desired by the entire nation.

During the days of his great devotion geared to render reunification to the nation groaning under division, the President arranged the three charters of national reunification which present the fundamental principles and ways of reunification, the ten-point program of great national unity and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo, thus the Korean nation has been able to activate the reunification struggle with the clear-cut goal and direction, with confidence and courage.

Indeed the President´s lifetime was the continuation of days and months during which he set forth the Juche-based idea and line of national reunification and energetically led the struggle to materialize them. Dedicating himself day and night to present the nation the reunification, the President devoted even the last day of his great life to reunification.

In the unforgettable night of July 7, Juche 83 (1994) he examined a thick document related to reunification. Imagining the historic event to open the gate of the national reunification, the President completed the document heart and soul and left his historic signature and the date on the first page as follows:


Kim Il Sung

July 7, 1994


The autographic letters the President left in the last moment of his life! They vividly represented the tireless efforts and immortal feats performed by the President who devoted himself to achieving reunification, saying that the biggest present he could give to the people is the national reunification.

Therefore, looking at the immortal autographic letters, all the Korean nationals at home and abroad feel the emotion surging in their hearts over the great life of the President.

It is leader Kim Jong Il´s firm will to realize the cause of national reunification true to the President´s noble ambition. It is just Kim Jong Il who had to engrave the President´s autographic letters on granite to convey to prosperity the feats the President performed for reunification and formulated the three principles of reunification, the ten-point program of great national unity and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo as the three charters of national reunification. Thanks to Kim Jong Il who is determined to carry out the President’s instructions for reunification by all means and his patriotic Songun politics, the historic Pyongyang summit was held in June eight years ago and the June 15 joint declaration embodying the three principles of national reunification was published, thus ushering in the June 15 reunification era during which the whole nation are achieving the independent reunification under the upheld banner of "By our nation itself". That the north-south summit was held again in last October and the declaration for the development of north-south relations and peace and prosperity was made public amid the nationwide struggle to implement the June 15 joint declaration are unthinkable apart from the tireless efforts of Kim Jong Il who is determined to carry out the President’s instructions for reunification by all means.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il who has the same idea, leadership and virtue as the President, the day of the reunification, the behest of the President, is not far off.

The Korean nation will never forget the President´s brilliant career and the undying feats he performed for the reunification and achieve the independent reunification of the nation true to leader Kim Jong Il´s leadership without fail.


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