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Of late the Lee Myung Bak group are indiscriminately suppressing the mass struggle of south Korean people in protest against the recent humiliating negotiations with the U.S. on the import of American beef and for the sovereign dignity and the right to existence.

According to the traitor Lee´s repressive order to "keep strict control over the illegal violent demonstrations", the puppet government declared that it would fully check the candlelight demonstration staged by the different standings of people and detain all the ringleaders to severely punish them.

The puppet riot police mobilized in the quelling operations of the demonstrations are committing such an indiscriminate outrage as spraying liquid tear gas, firing powder extinguishers, knocking down the participants with rods and shields and trampling down with combat boots, irrespective of age and sex.

Thus, the venues of the candlelight demos and the streets including the plaza in front of the city office in Seoul were turned to a hard-fought field and lots of demonstrators including young schoolgirls and pregnant women were injured or taken to the police in one evening.

The Grand National Party and the conservative media and the ultra-right conservative organizations joined their efforts in the puppet authorities´ fascist suppression, branding the participants in the candlelight demos as "rioters", "the reds" and the "pro-north forces" and threatening and blackmailing them, in a desperate attempt to bar the expansion of the struggle.

The police violence against the participants in the candlelight demonstrations is nothing different from the bestial atrocities perpetrated by paratroopers during the Kwangju incident in 1980.

Personages of all standings in south Korea are staging a more fierce massive candlelight actions bitterly denouncing the Lee Myung Bak´s suppression as "a declaration of war against the people" and "brutal political suppression", calling for an immediate stop to the fascist suppression which reminds of the Kwangju incident in 1980.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland bitterly denounces the the above-said suppression, branding it as an open challenge to the south Korean people demanding national dignity and sovereignty, independent new politics and new life and brutal violence putting the past fascist dictatorship into the shade.

The fascist colors of the Lee Myung Bak group has been fully revealed.

The Lee group ran the whole gamut of tricks to cover up their true colors as sycophantic traitors such as "special press conference," "Cabinet reshuffle" and additional negotiations on beef import and the like and finding them no longer workable, they are kicking up a fascist din of wholesale suppression.

Traitor Lee who pledged to be "a servant of the people" emerged a savage tyrant kowtowing the US master before the people.

The reality goes to prove that "making up for the loss of a decade" much touted by the Lee group is to stamp out human rights and democracy and revive the past fascist dictatorship and tyrannical rule in south Korea.

Fascist suppression will invite stronger resistance of the popular masses.

No brutal suppression can put down the fierce struggle of the people to win national dignity and sovereignty, democratic rights and freedom.

The south Korean people should never pardon the Lee Myung Bak group who sold off the nation´s interests and cracks the whip of fascist dictatorship to maintain its political lifeline, and kindle the anti "anti-government" and anti-U.S. flames more fiercely.

The Lee group is greatly mistaken, if they thought that fascist suppression can control the present crisis.

The successive south Korean fascist tyrants who dominated over the people have faced without exception stern judgment of the people and disgraceful failure.

The Lee group should stop at once the brutal suppression of the just struggle of the people and the sycophantic, traitorous and anti-reunification moves if they want to escape the same miserable end as their predecessors met.


July 3, Juche 97 (2008)

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