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Saying he would feel ten years younger if the country is reunified

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This  happened  one  summer  day  of  Juche  63  (1974).  In  those  days,  President  Kim Il Sung was making tireless efforts day and night for the country´s reunification.

It was about 4 am. While staring at the breaking eastern sky in deep thought, he called up an official in the field of national reunification.

The fast asleep official awoke by the ring and raised the handset soon. He was astonished to hear the  rotund voice of the President.

He emotionally made respectable terms of greeting to the President.

I hear your voice that you also seem tired, the national reunification is by no means a kid stuff, the President noted.

Shouldering the heavy burden of the party and state affairs, the President might have been tired hundreds times more than the official. However, the President is worrying over the fatigue of the official, indifferent to his own fatigue.

Feeling compunction, the official asked him to have a rest, worrying about the health of the President.

The President noted in an undertone that he could not sleep. Noting that he could not get to sleep during the anti-Japanese struggle at Mt. Paektu, he said that he could not have a rest since the nation was not yet reunified. He added that he wished to relieve his accumulated fatigue after the country´s reunification.

The official felt pain to hear that the President had a restless night since the country is not reunified.

The official appealed his anxiety. After remaining mum in deep thought for a while as if he was heart-rending to pass the years leaving the country divided, the President  continued:

We have not got our work done yet. We should reunify the country by ourselves···.

He added that he would feel ten years younger if the country was reunified.

The official was choked with tears picturing the President who makes restless effort throughout the night to achieve the national reunification even though he  had devoted himself to the prosperity of the nation and happiness of people and performed great feats.

The phone was over, but the President´s ardent words apprehensive of the reunification seemed to continue.

Saying that he would get ten years younger when the country is reunified, the President put his heart into the reunification! His tireless devotion for national reunification was indeed warm and intense incomparably.



“Comrade Choe Tok Sin!”


Choe Tok Sin who had once organized the Association of Korean Residents in the United States enjoyed a worthwhile life in the DPRK in his later years. He was a son of Choe Tong O who was a teacher of President Kim Il Sung in the Hwasong Uisuk School.

But the father and son covered different paths of life.

Choe Tok Sin was a general of the south Korean army when his father nested in the bosom of President Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, and when the father was striving for national reunification as a staff member of the Council of South Koreans in the North for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, he, together with anti-reunification forces at home and abroad, was engaged in freezing national division as a leader of the “Southeast Asian Anti-Communist Federation”, south Korean “foreign minister” and then advisor to the south Korean “Ministry of National Unification”.

Later, he, though belated, took political asylum in a foreign country to change his life.

Kim Il Sung pardoned his sinful life.

On July 1, Juche 70(1981), Choe visited Pyongyang to pay tribute to the memory of his father, and Kim Il Sung met him.

At that time Choe could hardly raise his head before the President and atoned for his sins.

“Esteemed President, I’m unable to raise my head before the nation and I feel heartily ashamed to meet you, for you have rendered all kinds of favors to my father.”

Hearing him stammering, the President dissuaded him. Let bygones be bygones, the President said, and continued: Now that the nation is at the crossroads of permanent division or reunification, you and I should join hands for the sake of national reunification. ... He added that he thought grateful for Choe who resolved to bid farewell to his past and strive for reunification.   

Choe was moved by the ocean-like magnanimity of the President and since then often flew to Pyongyang.

During the period, he became familiar with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea led by the President and leader Kim Jong Il and made his soul and efforts for national reunification even in a foreign country.

The President entrusted him deeply and received him whenever he came to Pyongyang.

When he settled down in the DPRK the President designated him as the vice-chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland.

He lived a worthwhile life in his late years under the benevolent love and trust. Really he had nothing to envy in the world.

 But he had a desire cherished deep in his heart. That was to be called “Comrade” as a soldier of Kim Il Sung. 

“Esteemed President, I have a request. I want to live as your soldier. I dare to ask you to call me ‘Comrade’ rather than Mister.”

The President accepted his request with pleasure.

The President with a bright smile on his face said that comrades share the will with each other and he would call him as he wished. Comrade Choe Tok Sin, let us share the fate on the way to national reunification, he added.

His rotund voice reverberated in the room.

That day, Choe said to himself.

“As there is such a great benevolent bosom, my father could defy even the death to nestle in the bosom.”

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