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The Criminal Nature of the "Pragmatic Regime" (7)

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Traitorous Clique Ridiculing with Lie and Deception


Two months has elapsed since the Lee Myung Bak group put up the signboard of "pragmatism", during which  its public promises of "reviving economy", its assuming  justification, have already been revealed their deceptive and impractical nature.

As is known, traitor Lee Myung Bak has pretended himself to be a "specialist in economy" and advertised extensively as if he could revive the economy and promote the people´s livelihood when he takes power in a bid to gain the popular favor since he has been elected the candidate for the "president" of the Grand National Party of south Korea.

The traitor drew the popular feelings by issuing different campaign pledges such as "program for building a great canal", "10 tasks to rescue the people´s livelihood and economy", all of which proved to be not practicable..

As regards the "program for building a great canal", the key pledge made by Lee, he talked big that he would create jobs and activate the economy for the present and save the transportation cost of cargo and enhance the competitive power for the long run.

However, the specialists examined the "great canal plan" to note that the plan has no  economic effectiveness, on the contrary, would destroy nature and environment and bury at sea precious cultural relics.

The "program for building a great canal" is bitterly assailed by the south Korean people for its anti-popular character. According to the poll, 70 percentages of south Koreans oppose the plan branding it as groundless.

In the long run, the "program for building a great canal", synonym for the Lee Myung Bak "government", has been doomed to be put into waste basket even before beginning.

The traitor talked nonsense that he would vitalize the doomed economy by "achieving 7 percentages of an annual economic growth".

It was a great deception to the south Korean people. The overseas economic circumstance is the main factor decisive of the growth of the south Korean economy where export accounts for 40 percentage of its gross output value and the self-supply rate of major raw materials totals only 10 percentages. However, the overseas economic circumstance is taking a sharp turn for the worse including the  US economic stagnation and  a sudden rise in prices of raw materials including oil.

In view of the present circumstance, "achieving 7 percentages of an annual economic growth" is  a foolish pipe dream.
 While he was fully aware of it, he advance the promise of "achieving 7 percentages of an annual economic growth" in a bid allure the public feelings and take power.

Now that it has been revealed it is an "utterly impossible target", he plays tricks by noting "it was a long-range objectives" and "it meant to possess the potential of growth of 7 percentages in the last year of the term". The promises for the "recovery of the economy" made by Lee conceal themselves one by one.

The Lee Myung Bak group took power on the promise to recover the economy, however,  he has done nothing for it. Rather, he is adding fuel to the economic crisis through the traitorous and treacherous politics sycophant to the US.

Indifferent to the public demand to revive the doomed south Korean economy first, he set up the "recovery of the relation with the US" to the most utmost task and bustled about to materialize it, vociferating that he would "regain the lost decade" as soon as he took power and thus, further accelerating subordination of the south Korean economy to the US.

During the recent junket to the US, traitor Lee totally opened the beef market of south Korea to the US, gravely threatening the south Korean people´s health and life and adjudicating a bankrupt to the south Korean stock-breeding industry. Meanwhile, he begged for a rapid approval of the "FTA" to put the south Korean economy at the mercy of the US monopolists and bring a crisis to the incompetent south Korean enterprises

During the visit to the US, he begged for a stop to the reduction of the US forces in south Korea and a raise of the south Korea´s position of purchasing US-produced weaponry to the level of NATO countries and, in response, accepted the US demands for an increase in south Korea´s share of the upkeep of its forces in south Korea and the cost of the relocation and redeployment of US military bases. Owing to the humiliating "scooping diplomacy" pursued by the Lee Myung Bak "government", south Korea only suffered an additional economic burden, far from tiding over the present economic crisis.

He advertised more than once to help impoverished life of people through the "politics for common people".  However, the Lee Myung Bak "government" famous for that for the rich enforces the politics for a tiny handful of conglomerates and  the rich, indifferent to the absolute majority of the working people suffering hardships of life.

On the contrary, it is repressing the workers´ struggle for vital rights labeling it as "illegal" and basing the "rearrangement and dismiss" as policy under the pretext of "flexibility of the labor market", forcing number of workers unemployment.

It is not accidental that the various circle of south Korea denounce the Lee Myung Bak "government" by noting that it is further extending the indigent through the conglomerate-centred economic policy.

The public promises made by Lee before and after the assumption involved all the provinces of social life including the education, public health, culture and etc.

However, the reality shows that all the promises made by Lee are no more than trickery to take power by ridiculing the people and prop up the political remainder.

A gimlet in a sacking can never be hidden. The disgraceful color of the Lee Myung Bak groups as masterhand in fraud and deception is being revealed with the lapse of time and the outraged south Korean people denounces the present "government" noting that there is noting to expect any more from the "government".

The south Korean media criticize that the Lee´s "public promises" were in fact false and the oppositions rebuke the traitor to confess that the promises were fabrications.

The people´s voice is the voice of God. Those who go against public sentiment are bound to ruin. The Lee Myung Bak "regime" will never last long as they hoodwinked and betrayed the people.


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