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   The Democratic People´s Republic of Korea is said to be a society where genuine democracy is fully embodied in its political, economic and cultural life its people are enjoying.

   The politics in which  the will of the popular masses  is embodied in the  state policy and everything is subordinated to the interests of popular masses can be the genuine democracy.

   The politics apart from masses´ interests can never be said to be democratic in any case.

   In the DPRK the policies are set up according to the will of the people of various strata including workers, farmers and intellectuals and the popular masses are substantially provided with genuine freedom and rights and happy life  by the state.

   First of all, as regards the political life the people in the DPRK participate in the exercise of sovereignty and state management as masters and do social and political activities as they please.

   As the socialist constitution of the Republic stipulates, every citizen over 17 years of age can exercise the right to elect and to be elected with no restriction. In other words,   irrespective of major terms and conditions of universal election principles including sex, nationality, position, residential period, the status of property and learning, party affiliation, political view and religion,   the rights to elect and to be elected are given to all citizens and every citizen in the Republic enjoy his rights on election as freely as he can.

    The freedom of speech, publication, assembly and religion are also ensured completely.

   The people in the Republic are perfectly provided with  democracy in their economic life.

   As regards the relations of ownership, due to the embodiment of state and collective ownership system  the economic footing spawning the gulf between rich and poor is eliminated, and everyone conducts economic activities on an equal qualification.

   The state affords  all citizens  with stable occupation and living condition  and all producer masses participate in the economic administration in a master-like way.

   The state takes care of people´s livelihood so responsibly that there is no disparity between the rich and poor and neither the jobless  nor beggars nor persons  worrying over tax can be found there.

   As regards cultural life, democracy is excellently guaranteed.

   Varied policies related to ideological and cultural life including the free medical care system, free compulsory education system, rights to rest and cultural and spiritual life are under enforcement and all conditions concerning them are ensured to the full.

   Such genuine democracy rare in the world is applied in practice in the DPRK,  not because  the DPRK is a richer country or has better conditions than other ones.

    It is entirely because it is the socialist country centered on the popular masses where everything serves the people.

   The popular masses leading a life of genuine master of state and society in the DPRK where democracy is thoroughly ensured are dedicating their all minds and bodies only to the  might  and  prosperity  of  the socialist homeland,  sharing  their  fate  and  future  with
Kim Jong Il who  blooms their genuine life with his all-embracing politics and benevolent politics.


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