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[Aphorism Explanation] "Korea is an organism that can survive whe…

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"Korea is an organism that can survive when whole, but cannot when bisected."

The aphorism of leader Kim Jong Il contains the meaning that Korea can boundlessly be prosperous and powerful only when it is reunified into one.

The Korean nation is an homogeneous nation which has inherited one and the same blood ties in the same territory with Tangun as founder of the nation.

Such a nation has been barred the unified development due to the bisection of the territory and the division of the nation forced by outsiders.

The tragedy of the national division has been lasting for over half a century.

The reunification of Korea should be achieved only by the concerted efforts of the nation and this way alone is the only way for the Korean nation to survive and prosper.

The brilliant reality of the June 15 independent reunification era brought about by the great Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il has clearly proved the truth that the Korean nation can be boundlessly prosperous and powerful only when they reunify the country holding higher the banner of "By our nation itself".

All the Korean nationals having one and the same blood ties, language and culture should turn out as one in the struggle to clear away as soon as possible the sufferings of division they have suffered and bring earlier the reunified prosperous and powerful nation.

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