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Now the south Korean warlike hawks are making frantic efforts to introduce into south Korea ultra modern war means to mount a preemptive strike at the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea.

Shortly ago, the Lee Myung Bak bellicose regime at a meeting of the "Defence Promotion Committee" decided to additionally introduce 21 F-15Ks and hundreds of the latest air-to-ground cruse missiles to go with them from the US in the period from 2010 to 2012.

It is also mulling introducing fighters of the fifth generation equipped with Stealth function in the wake of the projected introduction of F-15Ks and technology related to the establishment of the Patriot missile defence system.

In connection with it, the south Korean press expresses apprehension for it by noting "the decision of introducing long-range missiles is predicted to bring another calamity to the south-north relations".

The south Korean military warhawks´s decision to introduce the above-said war hardware in the wake of outbursts calling for a preemptive strike at the DPRK goes to prove that their scenario for a "preemptive attack" is being put into practice as it is an intolerable treacherous act of pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to a dangerous phase of war and wrecking peace.

Moreover, the Lee Myung Bak "government" more clearly revealed its anti-nation and warlike true color through the moves to introduce US ultra-modern military hardware as they were timed to coincide with the his recent visit to the US where he begged for a stop to the reduction of the US forces in south Korea and a raise of the south Korea´s position of purchasing US-produced weaponry to the level of "NATO" countries.

The Secretariat of the CPRF vehemently denounces the south Korean warlike forces´ reckless arms buildup as an outright challenge to the desire and wishes of all Koreans and the world peace-loving people for the peace and reunification of Korea and an act of treachery to stem the trend of the history of the Korean nation  towards independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

Facing up to the ever-growing denunciation and rejection of their vicious confrontation policy against the DPRK, the conservative ruling forces of south Korea are making such poor excuses as "We feel a sense of loss at they consider in a cut-and-dried manner", and so on.

However, the reality only confirmed that the Lee Myung Bak "government´s" north policy is nothing but a dangerous policy of confrontation and war.

The DPRK will strongly counter the US and Lee Myung Bak group´s provocative arms buildup and moves to invade the DPRK with the building of more powerful war deterrent.

The US and the south Korean warlike regime should stop their rash acts, pondering over the serious impact their arms buildup and the moves for a war of aggression against the DPRK will have on the development of the inter-Korean relations.

The present grim reality eloquently proves how just the DPRK was when it asserted that if the Grand National Party comes to power, the June 15 declaration will be reduced to a dead paper and the whole Korean territory will be engulfed in the flames of war.

The south Korean people from all walks of life should wage a more dynamic anti-war, anti-puppet drive against the Lee Myung Bak regime which bring the danger of a nuclear war to the nation in collusion with the outsiders.


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