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Army under Brilliant Commander of Songun

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Military parade held to celebrate the KPA´s anniversary


  April 25 this year marks the 76th founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army.

Greeting the significant day, the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are filled with high pride that the KPA is the best.

Under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il the KPA has written only a history of victory in the showdown with the ruthless imperialists since its foundation, fully demonstrating the dignity and grandeur of the invincible army .

To look back, the self-defensive armed forces of the Korean nation declared the anti-Japanese war in the thick forests of Mt. Paektu 70 odd years ago with no home front or support of a regular army.

Dreaming of realizing "the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" and becoming the "leader" of Asia, the Japanese imperialists called the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army a “mere drop in the ocean”, much vaunting to exterminate it.

However, the KPRA defeated the Japanese imperialists by a 15-year-long bloody fight under the seasoned leadership of Kim Il Sung, the peerless brilliant commander, thus liberating the country.

Inheriting the tradition of the anti-Japanese struggle, the KPA fully demonstrated the might in the Fatherland Liberation War against the US armed invasion.

In an attempt to crush the young DPRK in the cradle, the United States channellized all sorts of up-to-date weapons and military equipments to the war and even the armies of its satellite states.

However, the heroic KPA defeated the US "ever-victorious divisions" that has recorded only victories in over 100 wars to honorably safeguard the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

The KPA’s historic victories in the anti-Japanese and anti-US wars were the bare fruition of the President’s outstanding Songun idea and leadership.

It is the greatest fortune and the honor of the KPA that they are blessed with the brilliant general, the supreme commander generation after generation.

Under the guidance of  Kim Jong Il, the KPA is now fully demonstrating the dignity and strength emerging victorious through the struggle to defend the country.

The might of the KPA is now highlighted more and more for its shining victory in the struggle to defend socialism in the mid 1990s under the outstanding leadership of leader Kim Jong Il.

In the severe times unprecedented in history to decide whether they were to defend the independent dignity of the nation or suffer the slavery submission, Kim Jong Il enforced the politics of putting the army ahead, the unique Songun politics of putting the KPA as the main force of the revolution, the mainstay of the country, thus arousing the whole nation to the battle to defend the country.

During the last decade the leader has continued inspection on the KPA units and posts including the Panmunjom post, the Mt. Taedok, the Mt. Osong, the Hill 351 and the Cho islet, channeling great efforts for the strengthening of the military capacity.

He restlessly continued the way of Songun from frontline to frontline while sleeping cat’s nap, eating kneaded balls of cooked rice and drying his wet clothes in the field car.

Under his energetic guidance to boost the military capability, the KPA has now developed into one-match-for-a-hundred ranks, the strong army of Mt. Paektu equipped with modern means of both attack and defense.

Many countries and armies exist in the world, however, there is not such a popular and patriotic army as the KPA which wins victory after victory in the battle to defend the country and leads the van in creating eternal prosperity of the nation.

The KPA is enjoying from the nation absolute support and the affection as the firm defender of the country and the creditable creator of the prosperity since they have peerless brilliant general Kim Jong Il as its supreme commander.

Having Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, the KPA is safeguarding the dignity and the sovereignty of the nation with arms, not wavering by any interruption and challenges of the imperialists.

Through over seven-decades-long Songun revolution, the Korean people have keenly felt that the independence, dignity, peace, reunification and prosperity of the nation lie upon the arms of the KPA.

The KPA having brilliant commander of Songun will always emerge victorious and the country guarded by the KPA is impregnable.


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