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Information U.S. "Anti‑Terror War" Bound to Go Bust....etc

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The United States is talking about what it called "success" in the Iraqi war it has waged as part of its aggressive "anti‑terror war." This rhetoric can never help hide its miserable setbacks and those who have committed crimes by waging the above-said war characterized by horrendous genocide and destruction are bound to meet isolation and ruin.

Rodong Sinmun on March 28 observes this in a signed article.

It goes on:

Today the U.S. pays a dear price for having waged the aggressive Iraqi war under the pretext of "anti-terrorism."

The U. S. has expended everything in the "war against terrorism" over the past several years. It is like pouring water into a bottomless pot.

Iraq has turned into an inescapable trap for the U.S. Iraqi armed resistance forces are conducting attack operations against U.S. occupation troops in various parts of Iraq almost every day, making them shudder. The death toll of  U.S. forces in Iraq has reached  4 000.

The morale of the U.S. forces in Iraq is sagging, seized with uneasiness and fear. The U.S. authorities and military feel acute shortage of strength of troops with the number of conscription, evaders increasing and recruitment remaining a serious problem.

The U.S. seeks to keep enforcing its policy of occupation with the help of its allied countries but it stands no chance of success.

Those countries which dispatched their troops to Iraq at the request of the U.S. in the past have already withdrawn them from there or are likely to do so. This goes to prove that the collapse of the "coalition forces" led by the U.S. forces is becoming a reality.

It is getting clearer today that the U.S. committed a great mistake when it started the, Iraqi war under the pretext of  "anti-terrorism" and it was the beginning of its misfortune.

Demonstrations condemning the U.S. and demanding an end to its war in Iraq are going on in an unbroken chain in different parts of the world. Voices demanding a halt to the Iraqi war are growing stronger as the days go by in the U.S., too as there is. no prospect of its success. Iraq is being reduced to a bottomless pit to swallow the U.S. up in the true sense of the word.

Miserable, indeed, is the position of the U.S. making desperate efforts to straighten out the Iraqi situation after spawning it under an absurd pretext.



Animals Protected and Propagated Well


 The DPRK is exerting great efforts to protect and propagate useful and ornamental animals.

In recent years, measures have been taken to breed animals in an artificial way in various places including Mts. Myohyang, Kuwol and Oga which were registered as natural reserves. As a result, the number of useful and ornamental animals including deer, roe deer, sable, otter, great tit and migratory grosbeak is on the increase.

In particular, a lot of animals inhabit the  Special Sanctuary  in Mt. Paektu Revolutionary Battle Site after its registration as an International Biosphere Reserve.

North and South Hamgyong, Ryanggang and Jagang provinces have chosen reserve areas for the propagation of brown bear and Ursus tibetunus that inhabit the areas and are doing an effective work for ensuring their feed conditions.

Efforts are channeled to the work for the protection and propagation of famous Korean pheasant, an ornamental bird.

Pheasant-breeding farms have made their appearance in pheasant reserves in North Hwanghae Province and other areas to breed and set free pheasants on hills.

Nature and animal reserves different in scale have been instituted across the country, laying a foundation for the better protection and propagation of animals.

Since the DPRK Law on Protection of Usefu1 Animals was enacted in November Juche 87 (1998), the work for protecting useful and ornamental animals has been done amid the interest of the whole state and society.

Many kinds of useful and ornamental animals keep increasing thanks to the correct nature-preservation policy of the DPRK.

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