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       Father Jong Hyon Du.                  Mother Kim Ryon Suk.              Eldest daughter Jong Hyon Suk.        Second daughter Jong Man Gyong.


There is the family of Jong Hyon Du, whose all members have been working for three generations as barbers at the Kumsong Barbers of the Mangyongdae District Public Amenities Office in Pyongyang.

More than ten years have elapsed since they took hair-clippers in their hands.

It was in January Juche 84(1995).

Ushering in the new year after the Korean people lost President Kim Il Sung, Jong Hyon Du was in deep thought.

Before liberation (August 15, 1945) his father took a hair-clipper in his early age with the thought of earning his living, only to be maltreated everywhere for the sole reason that he was a barber. He was treated as a decent man in the embrace of the DPRK where the working masses became the masters of the country after liberation.

President Kim Il Sung called at his house in Mangyongdae District in November Juche 57(1968), acquainted himself with the fact that the father and the youngest son worked as barbers, praised them saying that theirs was a barbers family and sent them his gifts.

Thinking his father who finished his life with the hair-clipper and his younger brother who was working as a barber, he resolved to succeed to the barbers family as the President had instructed and said his determination to his family members. They supported his resolve.

So, Jong Hyon Du, a section chief of the Fisheries Commission after his discharge from the Peoples Army, and his wife Kim Ryon Suk, head of a neighbourhood unit, and his eldest daughter Jong Hyon Suk, a graduate from middle school, became barbers at the same time and his second daughter Man Gyong followed suit after two years.

They are now all high-grade barbers. The barbers is visited by many people for their kind service.

On the other hand, they render service to people on construction and production sites. As they always take meticulous care of people’s hair styles that look nice with their appearance and clean hair trimmings, they share their experience at night.

Valuing their laudable deeds, the state placed them as delegates at the Youth Vanguard Meeting of Fine Traits in the Songun Era, the National Meeting of Support-the-Army Activites and other meetings.

Their joy is to see their customers go out in neat hair style and in joyous mood.


Jong Hyon Du´s family

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