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Mother’s Embrace

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This happened when the feature film The Fate of a Self-defense Corps Man was being filmed in a region of Ryanggang Province. The director summoned an actress to him in haste and told her to prepare herself for a trip and leave for Pyongyang without delay.

The actress was surprised.

“Who will play my part?” she asked. “Don’t worry and leave at once.

There was an urgent phone call from the studio a little while ago. You are urgently wanted there.

There must be some problem of production to be discussed with you,” he said. She could not make head or tail of what he said. How is it that she, not scriptwriter nor producer, is wanted for problems of production? Why such urgent summons? The shooting schedule which had been sped up so far might be upset without her.

But she could know what the matter was only in the studio. So she lightly outfitted herself for a journey and went to the station.

Traveling a long distance by train she arrived in Pyongyang. She hastily entered the office of the responsible worker of the film studio.

On seeing her, he rose from his seat and suggested her to go with him straight to the nursery.

She was told that the problem of production would be discussed but now he proposed her to go to the nursery…What is the matter? She thought.

In a moment all her thoughts ran on her daughter she left to the care of the nursery before leaving for the remote location site.

“I heard she is ill. What has happened to her?” Misgivings gripped her heart in the running car.

Hardly the car arrived at the nursery when she hastily got off the car, flinging the door open. But what is this all? At the entrance to the nursery the responsible worker of the Ministry of Culture and Art was standing smiling, with her daughter in his arms. At the sight of her mother, the child clapped her hands with delight.

The actress greeted him and clasped her child to her bosom.

“Mummy, why did you come now?’ “Oh, did you miss me?” “Tut, Mummy, you don’t know. I had headache.” “Oh, is that so?” “Mummy, you really don’t know. When I was ill this uncle often came to see me and gave me drugs.

They were sent by leader Kim Jong Il they said. I am doing well. I don’t’ feel any pain. You don’t know this, Mummy….”

What the child chattered further, she did not hear.

She felt only her heart thumping. There was mist rising before her eyes.

“How did you get to know and come? Somebody told you?” There the responsible workers replied: “Leader Kim Jong Il sent your mother as you wanted to see her.” “Yes?” Word of surprise escaped the actress’s lips before the child’s.

When the actress knew belatedly what the matter was, she was excited and asked why he let her know of it now. “

Don’t blame me. I was in no position to tell you the truth.” His calm, subdued voice was heard. “ Yesterday Kim Jong Il visited your film studio…” …He himself called at the Feature Film Studio, saying that he was concerned about the life of the location staff who were away on location.

While acquainting himself with the condition of the health and family circumstances of each of the location staff he came to learn that the child of one of the actresses who was away on location had fallen ill.

“You have just told me that everything went well, that is not the case,” he, frowning, rebuked leading officials.

He asked what disease the child caught and what was done to cure her and, promptly discussing with the officials, arranged for the child to receive treatment.

Some time passed and detailed instructions were already given, but, still unsatisfied, he pondered over something.

Then casting his eyes over the officials, he said.”

You had better telephone the location staff and bring back home the child’s mother.”

The officials hesitated, for at that time filming was in full swing, and withdrawing the actress might retard filming.

Reading their mind, Kim Jong Il said: “…You don’t know mothers’ feelings. The child is ill and, learning this, how can the actress play her part properly before the camera? How can one do one’s bit properly in film production when one has family trouble? Let us call her back right away.

As the child is dear to its mother, so the child missed its mother, not forgetting her even a moment. Nothing is more effective in curing the sick child than the care of its mother.” At his noble words the officials felt a lump rising in their throat.

One of the officials said that he would make an urgent phone call to the location staff and call her back. After a pause, Kim Jong Il asked them how they would account for her summon.

“Shouldn’t we tell her the truth?” “If you tell her the truth over the phone, she will not come. They are all politically aware… You had better say that she is being sent for on some urgent business related to production.” This is what the responsible worker told her.

The actress pressed her cheek to the child’s and said in excitement: “You and I live in the warm motherly embrace, the embrace of Kim Jong Il.”


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