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NRI Indicts Lee Myung Bak Group of Traitors

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작성자 KCNA 작성일09-04-30 00:00 댓글0건


The National Reunification Institute in a white paper released on April 29 indicted the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors for turning south Korea into mayhem of economic bankruptcy and people´s deteriorated livelihood. It cites concrete facts to prove that this is entirely attributable to the group´s sycophancy and treachery and unpopular rule.

The white paper says that south Korean economy is one increasingly dependent on foreign monopoly capital as it is a colonial and crippled one which can not keep itself afloat without relying on others.

According to it, south Korean economy has got further deformed and increasingly dependent upon others since wicked sycophantic traitor Lee Myung Bak came to power.

Noting that the Lee group of conservatives has offered everything of south Korea to the U.S. under the signboard of "priority to the south Korea-U.S. alliance" since the very day of its seizure of power, thus making south Korea fall victim to the U.S. policy for aggression and plunder not only in political and military fields but in the economic field. No sooner had traitor Lee become "president" than visited the U.S. to beg it to conclude FTA. He did not hesitate to commit such treachery as opening the south Korean markets to the American beef fraught with the danger of mad cow disease to please his master.

As if it were not enough with this, the group of traitors barbarically suppressed the mass struggle of south Koreans from all walks of life against the beef import.

The Lee group recklessly introduced foreign monopoly capital, turning south Korea into a business centre and "heavenly kingdom" for foreign monopoly capitalists.

They are holding sway over south Korean economy to meet their interests, holding 30 % of south Korea´s stock markets and more than 60 % of stocks in the banking business, in particular. They thus rake up huge profits every year including more than billions of U.S. dollars in the name of stock dividend.

The traitor, styling himself "economic president", bragged that he would save economy from a crisis and bring about "rapid growth" during the tenure of his office and thus make south Korea an "economically advanced nation" in a decade to come. But he pushed the south Korean economy to stagnation and catastrophe.

Export which the group claims to be a lifeline of south Korean economy, is rapidly declining and population´s consumption and investment in equipment experienced a slump and stock market is undergoing serious chaos, falling into stagnation and collapse.

After the group of conservatives came to power, south Korea´s "state debts" reached an astronomical figure. It is so heavily saddled with the foreign debts which need to be redeemed urgently that the south Korean economy will go totally bankrupt if they are paid at one time.

The white paper cites facts to prove that enterprises are proving insolvent and those that survived are carrying out "restructuring", leaving a great number of workers jobless. It goes on:

The gap between the rich and the poor has widened, the people have been further impoverished in south Korea and it has been ridden with greater social evils since the group of conservatives came to power.

Housing shortage is getting worse and commodity prices and taxes are skyrocketing. Prices of medicines and doctor´s fees are also rising, making it hard for the sick people to receive treatment. Young people and children are denied the opportunity of learning due to the snowballing tuition fees and hard living.

South Korea has earned ill fame not only as a "den of criminals" but "the worst land plagued with suicides."

The majority of people in south Korea are suffering from the serious economic crisis and destitution while a tiny handful of those in the ruling quarters are wallowing in luxury, accumulating wealth through all sorts of corruption and irregularities.

The Lee group can neither evade responsibility for having pushed south Korean economy and people´s livelihood to catastrophe nor escape the stern punishment of history and the nation for its acts of treachery and crimes committed against the people.

Source: KCNA - April 30, 2009

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