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Development of National Education

Guarantees Construction of New Society

Developing the national education at an early date is important for the peoples of developing countries to firmly defend the national dignity and the country’s sovereignty and build a new prosperous society.

Rodon Sinmun on Nov. 5 said this in a signed article.

Only when the education is intensified to bring up the people’s masters of the society, to be independent and creative beings, is it possible to develop the society rapidly and achieve prosperity of the country and the nation, the article notes, and goes on:

Without able national cadres it is not possible to ensure smooth state administration nor is it possible to sufficiently build the national economy and increase the defense capacity. The best shortcut to solving this issue is to develop the education and meet the demand for national cadres on its own.

The issue of talents is directly related to the issues of existence of a nation and the destiny of a state.

Developing the education is of a great significance in encouraging the people to foil the ideological and cultural poisoning of the imperialists and carve out their destiny independently and creatively by their own efforts.

It is important for developing countries to eliminate all the remnants of the colonial slave education of the imperialists and democratize the education in order to properly develop the education.

The abolition of illiteracy, the outcome of the harsh obscuration policy of the imperialists, is one of the urgent tasks facing the peoples of developing countries.

Strengthening the South-South cooperation in the field of education provides a firm guarantee for developing the national education of developing countries as soon as possible.

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