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Unreasonable Act to Evade Dialogue

Now the north and the south of Korea have a golden opportunity to improve the relations and open dialogue and cooperation on the occasion of the reunion of separated families and relatives initiated by the DPRK. The south Korean people are longing to continue ceaselessly the humanitarian cooperation such as reunion of the separated families and relatives through the resumption of Mt. Kumgang tour and take positive dialogue and cooperation.

However preposterous attitude of the south Korean authorities to raise unreasonable supplementary condition for political interests is disappointing people. It is a typical example of the conservative group to make absurd excuses such as “3 conditions” for the resumption of Mt. Kumgang tour which they had advanced as a precondition for working-level talks between the authorities.

Sometime ago south Korean Minister of Unification Hyon In Thaek vociferated at the parliamentary hearing on state administration that the issue of Mt. Kumgang tour  “has inclusive relations” with “May 24 measures” taken after “Cheonan” case. And he expressed negative attitude towards resuming the tour unless “3 conditions” and other issues were settled. Even during the visit to other countries like Germany he prattled that the talks for the resumption of tour “should be waited and see” and “it is not reviewed from the standpoint of the state”.

It is the objective view of all walks of life that “3 conditions” insisted by the conservative group is none other than the unreasonable persistence aimed to evade at any cost the resumption of tour which was now already settled out.

In fact it is the south Korean conservative group who suspended the Mt. Kumgang tour. From the very beginning they undesired Mt. Kumgang tour and when the tourist incident occurred they put forward “3 conditions” such as probing the truth, prohibition of recurrence and personal safety.

But the DPRK, cherishing the desire of the south Korean people who wish to have a look round the famous mountain of our nation, expressed immediately its regret from the humanitarian standpoint, irrespective of the procession of event and explained in detail about the truth. Especially in August last year the DPRK offered firm guarantee on the highest level for the personal security and prohibition of recurrence to the tourists. At that time even the south Korean media affirmed that nothing would be more perfect than this measure for probing the truth, prohibition of the recurrence and personal safety.

When the issue of “3 conditions”, which was a means of obstructing Mt. Kumgang tour, was settled out by bold measure of the DPRK, the conservative group openly blocked the tour saying that they were unable to accept “the agreement concluded with non-government enterprise” and it was a source of money for somebody. The south Korean people of all walks of  life reproached that “it is the blinders’ groundless nagging” knowing nothing about how and for whom it was started, who gets the most of the benefit, and raised their voices to resume the tour immediately.

Nothing is more immature than to link this with “Cheonan” case. The ulterior aim of the case of warship sinking was already revealed entirely to the world. The “diplomacy for <Cheonan> case” had been proved “disgraceful one” even to the south Korean people itself and became mockery of the world for its unscientific and groundless racket of confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

 Worse still, it is the south Korean authorities who dodged the strong requests the DPRK raised several times to make an on-the-spot probe of the inspection group of its National Defense Commission and the request to hold the inter-Korean high-level military talks. Still unclear is the doubts of the inside and outside of the country why the authorities, who prattled on “scientific probe” of the incident, persistently reject the justifiable proposal of the DPRK.

On October 20 Hyon In Thaek appeared at a police educational institute and talked about “present conditions of the resumption of Mt. Kumgang tour,” holding that unless “the nuclear issue of the north” is settled out it is impossible to resume the tour.

In fact the nuclear issue has nothing to do with inter-Korean relations, particularly the tour.

The nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is occurred due to the ever more undisguised nuclear threat of the U.S.

As already known the DPRK provided indisputable answers to the issue of “3 conditions,” “Cheonan” case and “nuclear issue,” and it is no longer a matter to be discussed.

 It is quite reasonable that the south Korean authorities, responsible for suspension of the tour, must resume it.

Now they are talking about “regularizationof the reunion of the separated families and relatives in a bid to win the public sentiment. The different public circles of south Korea are raising their voices that resuming tour is indispensable matter at least to realize the reunion.

The south Korean media including the daily “Hangyorye,” “Kyunghyang Daily News” claimed under the title “who hinders the north and the south dialogue?” as follows:

 “The fact that the south denied requirement of the north to resume the Mt. Kumgang tour while proposing a regular reunion makes it hard to believe whether the south really cares for distress of the separated families. It is essential not to insist on words but to provide a stable condition for regular reunion.  The resumption of Mt. Kumgang tour will be the potent method for regular reunion as the resorts and hotels of Mt. Kumgang, the meeting place, should be reopened.”

So long the south Korean authorities make unreasonable excuses to evade the resumption of Mt. Kumgang tour, swimming against the times and the public mind-set; they can not escape from the responsibility for breaking down the inter-Korean relations.

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