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S. Korean Puppet Warmongers Accused of
Escalating Confrontation with Compatriots

Shortly ago, the south Korean puppet army and the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces held an “event commemorating the anniversary of the recovery of Seoul” which fell on September 28 in south Korea on the lapse of 60 years since the outbreak of the Korean War. They also staged a madcap joint anti-submarine drill under the signboard of coping with someone’s “infiltration of submarines.”

Minju Joson on Oct. 8 observes in a signed commentary in this regard.

These are dangerous and reckless ones aimed at hamstringing the efforts to improve the inter-Korean relations and defuse the tension on the Korean Peninsula and aggravating the situation in a bid to ignite a war.

The south Korean puppet warmongers describe the joint anti-submarine drill as “a training for defence” to cope with someone’s “infiltration of submarines” but no one believes this, the commentary notes and goes on:

The north and the south are now witnessing a series of dialogues for mending the inter-Korean relations and an atmosphere of détente. The ceaseless moves stepped up by the south Korean puppet warmongers to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen and ignite a war against this backdrop go to clearly prove that they do not truly stand for the improved relations but are busy making premeditated preparations for a nuclear war.

As a matter of fact, the puppet war maniacs are contemplating staging exercises for surprise assault from a U.S. super-large nuclear-powered carrier in late October in the West Sea of Korea. Moreover, they shaped a defence budget for 2011 to the tune of 31.2795 trillion won, 5.8 percent increase over this year.

Dialogue and war moves can never go together. The improvement of the relations can hardly be expected amid the escalating tension.

If the south Korean puppet warmongers truly want the improved relations with the DPRK, they should halt at once their confrontation and war moves that bring only misfortune and pain to the nation.

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