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Local Industry Factories in Kimhwa County 


It has been a year since modern local industry factories had been built in the town area of Kimhwa County, Kangwon Province.

The county, long known as a barren mountainous area in the province, had poor economic foundations\and suffered rom damage caused by calamitous torrential rain in 2020.

In October that year the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the county town far rom the capital city to give on-spot guidance to the rehabilitation work\and learned in detail about the actual conditions of the county’s local industry.

At the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in February the following year he put forward a plan to turn all the areas of the country into developed ones preserving their unique characteristics by improving the local economy\and led Kimhwa County to set the standards for that.

At major meetings of the Party\and state he gave instructions that the modernization project of local industry factories in the county should be accelerated\and, based on its experience, technical reconstruction of similar factories in cities\and counties all across the country be accomplished as soon as possible to turn out various consumer goods of high quality.\and he kept up-to-date with the project\and took necessary measures on a preferential basis.

So, in such a short period of only ten months since the groundbreaking, several local industry factories for producing foodstuffs, garments, daily necessities, paper\and so on were set up along the Kumsong River flowing through the county town,\and that as the standards of local industry, model factories.

Those factories are equipped with production lines to make the maximum\and effective use of agricultural produce\and forest resources available in the mountains that occupy 80% of the county.

At the time of their inauguration the factories turned out several hundred goods in over 40 kinds, which have increased in number at present.

They are seething with fervent enthusiasm of officials\and workers to produce famous goods by stepping up the effort to diversify the goods\and steadily improve the quality\and thus make a contribution to the improvement of the people’s living standards.

Amid a vigorous drive to raise the level of technical knowledge\and skills many workers are involved in the distance education system to prepare themselves scientifically\and technically.

Though the county had few special products in the past, goods of the brand bearing the name of the county are being mass-produced at the local industry factories\and gaining popularity among not only the people in the county\and the province but even those in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Visitors to the county marvel at the modern local industry factories demonstrating the validity\and vitality of the WPK’s idea of attaching importance to cities\and counties\and its line of strengthening them,\and are also delighted to see happy county people.



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