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Who Stirred up Refugee Crisis?

In 1951, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Status of Refugees\and obliged all the states to ensure rights of refugees on the basis of the international law. In December 2000, the UNGA designated June 20, 2001 (it would be the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the Convention on the Status of Refugees) as the World Refugee Day.

Despite efforts of the international community, the issue of enhancing\and protecting the status\and rights of refugees is getting ever more serious, rather than showing any prospect for solution.

Recently, according to a Greek newspaper, a boat carrying 700~750 refugees rom countries like Pakistan, Egypt\and Syria turned over in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece. Seventy-nine were found dead\and a hundred\and four were rescued, twenty-five of whom were hospitalized with fever\and hypothermia.

Besides, there are still hundreds more stuck in the sunken boat\and forty of them are believed to be children. If confirmed, it will be the biggest in the history refugee accident in the Mediterranean.

According to UN\organizations, refugees that fled to Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta\and Cyprus this year amount to around 72,000.

Analysts insist that, in\order to prevent global refugee crisis, the issue must be given an extensive examination, taking into account resolving conflicts, achieving stability, prevention of human trafficking\and sustainable economic development.

The refugee issue isn’t something that started only yesterday. Its root is traced back to the double-dealing behavior of the U.S.\and the West in their dealing with the refugee crisis\and their acts of internal interference, all under the veil of “freedom”, “democracy”\and “protection of human rights”. 

In\order to seize\and dominate countries\and regions with abundant human\and material resources\and great economic potential, the U.S.\and the West have long interfered in their internal affairs, rearing\and instigating pro-U.S.\and pro-West forces. They have also incited inter-tribal collision\and conflict\and consistently created political instability.

The U.S. is seeking to fish in the troubled waters by creating political instability\and new hotspots, aggravating regional security crisis\and pushing other countries into proxy wars. This is the inhumane, sinister external policy of the U.S.\and its jungle-law mode of existence.

It is not a thing of the distant past that countless civilians were reduced to man-made refugees as a result of the so-called “counter-terrorism” perpetrated by the U.S.\and the Western countries in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc.

The U.S.\and the Western countries are the main culprits behind the grave refugee crisis which has been caused by their attempts at domination\and overt interference in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of “freedom”, “democracy”\and “protection of human rights”. Regarding the solution to the refugee crisis, they have at last discarded their veil of “human rights gentlefolk”\and are now following the double-dealing practices, consistent with their policy of inveterate racial discrimination.

The core of the recent “Temporary Protection Directive” adopted in self-approbation by the EU as a “historic decision” is to allow European refugees to move freely within the\union\and to grant them immediate rights to social welfare, i.e. right to residence, work, public health\and education.

This, in fact, is synonymous with differential treatment for refugees rom countries\and regions outside Europe.

As such, the U.S.\and the Western countries are openly abdicating their state responsibility for ensuring the rights of refugees,\and due to such shameless behavior, the colored refugees are becoming the targets of all sorts of crimes\and mercenary exploitation, plunging them into day-to-day fear of losing their lives any moment.

Such behavior constitutes yet another inhumane conduct of adding new misery\and pain to the plight of refugees, the direct victims of political instability\and socio-economic crisis created by the U.S.\and the West.

The train of refugees will never end in this world as long as the internal interference\and double-dealing behavior of the U.S.\and the West persist.

[Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK}



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