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Korean Disabled Persons in Happiness


In the DPRK, disabled persons are leading a happy life under the deep care of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The " Law of the DPRK on the Protection of the Disabled" was adopted on June 18, Juche 92 (2003)\and modified in a more concrete way in November 2013, thus laying a legal guarantee for further developing the work of protecting the disabled amid widespread social attention.

Despite busying himself with the building of a new country after national liberation, President Kim Il Sung included the issue of providing good living conditions for those who are disabled in on-the-job accidents\and those who can't work due to occupational diseases in "Labor Law for the Factory\and Office Workers in North Korea", which was the start of the work of protecting the disabled in the country.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Blind\union of Korea was formed in February 1948\and has played its role ever since,\and when the DPRK was founded, various state legal\and institutional steps were taken to accord preferential treatment to\and protect the disabled.

Under the state system for rehabilitating the disabled, disabled persons receive functional rehabilitation service at sanatoriums\and they are also given comprehensive treatment at the modern Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic in Pyongyang Municipality.

All the facilities for the good of the disabled in modern buildings erected across the country are associated with the loving care of the motherly Party.

Children who suffer eyesight disorder\and hypacusia benefit rom the socialist system of education as there are special schools for them,\and the disabled acquire practical working knowledge at the Vocational Technology College for Disabled Persons according to their taste\and hope.

Those disabled persons, who are leading a labor\and cultural\and emotional life at jobs suited to their aptitude\and ability, take part in sports\and art activities so that they always feel gay\and powerful.

The Table Tennis Tournament for Disabled\and Amateurs\and art performances by the disabled are held every year, exemplifying the Party's love for them\and the advantages of the Party's people-oriented policies.

The DPRK full of human love\where the protection of the disabled is considered an important policy of the Party\and state also sees heartwarming deeds of those who care for\and help the disabled like their relatives.








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