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Bright Future of Korea

2023.6.5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK

June 6 is drawing near – a meaningful day for the members of the Korean Children’s\union(KCU) who are growing up into the strong pillars of socialist Korea.

The founding anniversary of the KCU is a significant holiday of the 3 million\union members who are preparing themselves to be the successors of Juche Korea under the warm care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, adding eternal glory to the idea\and exploits of President Kim Il Sung\and Chairman Kim Jong Il with regard to the Juche-based children’s movement.

Under the benevolent care of President Kim Il Sung\and Chairman Kim Jong Il endowed with noble love for posterity, the KCU has advanced straight along the road of sacred Juche revolution, as led by the Party, just like sunflowers following the sun.

Today, the Korean children’s movement is in another heyday of its progress, upholding the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in high esteem.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, embodies ardent love for the coming generation which had been cherished by the great leaders. He regards the work for posterity as the most important undertaking\and the keen desire of the Party\and State. He has taken a measure to establish an annual tradition of celebrating the founding anniversary of the KCU on a large scale\and personally attended the Congress of the\union\and wished the children a happy future.

Under the warm care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who makes every effort to give all happiness in the world to coming generations, touching stories of love for future are being unfolded one after another on this land.

Saying that children’s bright smiles lighten up the country, he saw to it that schoolchildren’s palaces\and centers, children’s\union camps\and schools are built in different parts of the country to keep up with the aesthetic culture of the developing era.

Even during times of difficulty, he provided newly designed school uniforms\and shoes, notebooks\and schoolbags to the children\and students in every part of the country, rom remote mountain villages in the far north to farm villages near the demarcation line to isolated islands off the waters in the east\and west seas. It instilled love for their own things\and devotion to the country into the hearts of our schoolchildren.

Thanks to the warm care of the great father, a fish farm was established to supply fish exclusively to every baby home, children’s home,\and primary\and secondary boarding school. Pyongyang Children’s Department Store has been renovated into a modern\and comprehensive commercial service center for young\and school children\and many other infrastructures mushroomed in all parts of the country, boasting of our Party’s noble view on posterity\and bringing happiness to younger generation.

He feels happy with cheerful look of our children\and devotes his warm affection to them with such a strong determination as to pull at a star rom the sky.

There is indeed no such great a leader in the world as our respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who makes untiring efforts for a brighter future when with song “We are the happiest in the world” resonating across the country

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un dedicates his all to the work for posterity, saying that children are the most precious treasure, more priceless than any wealth\and the entirety of hope\and future. Under his benevolent care, the members of the Korean Children’s\union are growing up sound\and healthy into strong pillars of the powerful socialist country. The future of our country will forever shine bright\and promising.










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