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Fish Farm in Mountainous Region



A cage-net fish farm is set up in the waters of the Hungju Youth Power Station No.1 built along the Jangja River in Kanggye City of Jagang Province.

The fish farm run by the fishing workteam of the Hungju Chicken Farm was established in 2019\and covers an area of 1 250 square metres with 20-odd, big\and small netted breeding ponds.

The ponds are swarming with Ryongjong fish, tilapia, carp\and other fish species, aged between one\and three years.

Fish farming in a netted cage has more advantages than that in a pond, for it needs no pumping facilities for water supply, saves much labour\and feed,\and increases fish production.

Based on the methods\and standards of fish farming established to suit the features of the local water area, the farm workers are actively introducing advanced technologies\and raising the level of science in fish breeding.

Fishes harvested rom the netted fish cages are supplied to the employees of the farm\and are also sent to the children at Kanggye Baby Home\and\orphanage.

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