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Peerlessly Great Men Publish Works on Educational Work​


President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Iland the respected Comrade Kim Jong Unclearly indicated guidelines for building socialist education through their energetic ideo-theoretical activities.

In the works "The People's Revolutionary Government Is Genuine People's Power"\and "The Ten-Point Programme of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland" published by him during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, the President illuminated the ways for national education\and provided the Juche-oriented tradition of revolutionary education through his energetic practical activities.

In the works published by him in the period of building a new country\and in the period of the Fatherland Liberation War, he put forward the idea of training the talents badly needed for the building of new Korea by its own efforts\and the precious guidelines for the educational work in the wartime.

He issued works in each historic stage of socialist construction to illuminate the\orientations\and ways for steadily improving the contents, forms\and methods of the educational work in line with the developing reality.

"Theses on Socialist Education" published by the President on September 5, Juche 66 (1977) is an encyclopedic library of education giving perfect solutions to all the theoretical\and practical issues arising in the construction of socialist education.

The Chairman published many works to inherit the Juche-oriented idea of the President on education.

He issued many works during the revolutionary activities at Kim Il SungUniversity to lay down principles\and ways to train the students to be the Juche-type revolutionaries\and to improve the university education.

"On Intensifying University Education as a Requisite for the Development of the Revolution", the letter he sent to the teaching staff\and students of Kim Il SungUniversity on its founding 50th anniversary in October 1996 is permeated with the ideo-theoretical exploits he performed in the development of the Juche-oriented education.

Juche-oriented education has entered into a new heyday in its development as it is led by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

By publishing the works "Let Us Make Ours a Country of Education\and a Talent Power by Bringing about a Radical Improvement in Education in the New Century"\and "Teachers Should Fulfill Their Duty as Career Revolutionaries in Implementing the Party's Policy on Bringing About a Radical Turn in Education", he set forth in a comprehensive way the goals, principles, directions\and ways to be observed in making a radical improvement in education in the new century\and clarified the way ahead of the Juche-oriented education.

He set forth the slogan "Let Us Make a Leap forward by Dint of Science\and Guarantee the Future by Dint of Education!" at the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 7th Party Central Committee in which he clearly illuminated the tasks\and ways for bringing about a radical turn in education.


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