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북녘 | Chairman Kim Jong Il Strengthens KPA into Invincible Army​

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Chairman Kim Jong Il Strengthens KPA into Invincible Army​


It has been 62 years since Chairman Kim Jong Ilprovided his first field guidance to the revolutionary armed forces.

His field guidance to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army on August 25, Juche 49 (1960) was the historic event which marked an epochal milestone in the development of our revolutionary armed forces.

After the historic day, the Chairman wisely led the work for developing our revolutionary armed forces into the invincible ones.

He always found himself among the officers\and men of the People's Army visiting posts in the forefront\and on islands\and guiding military drills on ships\and in planes\and tanks.

He gave field guidance to the dwarf pine post in January, 1995\and then the dangerous Panmunjom post, Height 351, Height 1211\and an island post.

Whenever he visited the KPA units, he guided the maneuvers\and tactical exercises\and firepower training, acquainted himself with the performance of weapons\and equipment\and instructed\orientations\and ways for strengthening the fighting efficiency in every way to cope with the modern warfare.

While visiting a KPA unit in June 1997, he watched the training of the brave armored infantrymen who were rushing at the "enemy" line. He visited a sub-unit in January 2005,\and was greatly satisfied with the fact that it set an example for the whole army in a live-ammunition drill.

While giving guidance to a firing drill of a KPA unit in December, 2011, the last period of his great life, he highly appreciated the successes in the training of the soldiers who prepared themselves to defend the socialist fatherland impregnably.

The People's Army that has become the human bombs for guarding the leader at the risk of their lives under the leadership of the Chairman is now honorably discharging its historic mission\and responsibility demonstrating the might of the main force of our revolution.



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