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국제 | Dedication Immortal with History of DPRK-PRC Friendship

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Dedication Immortal with History of DPRK-PRC Friendship


The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il performed great feat for sustainable strengthening\and development of DPRK – PRC friendship. Eleven years ago, he visited the northeastern region of the People’s Republic of China rom August 25 to 27, 2011.


Leading officials of the Chinese party\and government\and its people warmly welcomed the great General with great respect\and admiration, who was visiting China for the ninth time since he left his first immortal traces on the vast expanse of Chinese territory in June, 1983.


Amidst the heartwarming hospitality offered by the Chinese party\and government during his visit, the great General looked around several localities\and enterprises, i.e. Hailaer district of Hulunbeier city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, City Plan Exhibition Hall in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province\and Tonghua Wine Co., Ltd. in Tonghua city, Jilin Province, etc,\and congratulated Chinese people for their successes achieved in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The visit to the northeastern region of China by the great General was his last visit abroad during his revolutionary life. It served as an important occasion to fully demonstrate the traditional relations of friendship\and cooperation between the two parties\and the two countries of DPRK\and PRC\and also further strengthened the bond of friendship between the two peoples.


Thanks to the immortal dedication of the great General, the DPRK-PRC relations of friendship\and cooperation could have continuously been carried forward\and developed with unflagging vitality, braving all sorts of hardships\and trials of the history.


Today, the DPRK-PRC friendship is developing onto a new higher stage through the common struggle for the victorious advance of socialism thanks to close personal relations between respected Comrade Kim Jong Un\and Comrade Xi Jinping.


The great exploits performed by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il for strengthening\and developing the DPRK-PRC friendship will shine forever through centuries\and generations together with his immortal traces left on the northeastern region of China.

[Source:MOFA, DPRK]

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