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Independent Line of Building New Country​


On Aug. 20, Juche 34 (1945) right after the liberation of Korea, President Kim Il Sung delivered a historic speech "On Building the Party, State\and Armed Forces in the Liberated Homeland" to military\and political cadres.

The President in his speech set forth the idea of continuously advancing the Korean revolution\and building a prosperous\and independent sovereign state by the Korean people's own efforts on the basis of the accomplishment of the historic cause of national liberation.\and to realize the idea, he advanced the three tasks of building the Party, state\and army.

He put forward the task of founding the Party, the general staff of the Korean revolution\and vanguard unit of the working class,\and building it into a popular party which takes root deeper among the broad working masses. He also advanced the tasks of forming a democratic national united front comprising democratic forces rom all walks of life\and establishing a people's government on the basis of the united front;\and of building the regular revolutionary armed forces capable of defending the country\and the nation\and the revolutionary gains.

Reflected in his speech was the steadfast independent stand that a new country should be built by the Korean people's efforts\and in Korean way suited to the specific conditions of the country just as they achieved the historic cause of national liberation by their own efforts.

His speech served as a guiding principle for building a new country as it indicated the way for advancing\and protecting the Korean revolution by the Korean people under the new historic circumstances\where the country was just liberated rom the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule.

The cause of building the Party, the state\and the army was successfully accomplished in a short span of time, thanks to the wise leadership of the President who settled all the problems arising in the building of a new country our own way in line with the requirements of the Korean revolution, the interests of the Korean people\and the specific conditions of the country.



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