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북녘 | Samjiyon City, Model of Mountainous Towns under Socialism

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Samjiyon City, Model of Mountainous Towns under Socialism


Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- In October last, one thousand\and hundreds of households moved into newly-built houses in Samjiyon City, Ryanggang Province of the DPRK.

The construction for sprucing up the seat of Samjiyon City was completed in Juche 108 (2019)\and then new single-, low- and many-storied dwelling houses have come into being one after another in the city every year. Last year, thousands of dwelling houses were completed. As a result, the city turned into a model of mountainous towns under socialism, a socialist fairyland.

Such great change would have been unthinkable without the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's devoted service for the people.

In November 2013, Kim Jong Un visited the city to unfold a far-reaching construction plan. He again came to the city in December 2017 to give a vital guideline for its construction. He also examined thousands of miniatures of the city to turn it into a standard modern local town perfect in all aspects.

In 2018 alone he toured it three times to guide its construction as a designer, key builder\and key operator of the project.

After all, Samjiyon City could be wonderfully turned into an epitome of socialist civilization\where the specific feature of the northern tableland is preserved\and practicality, diversity\and the formative art are introduced into architecture on the principle of convenience\and architectural beauty first.

It is a grand plan of the Workers' Party of Korea to renew the appearance of all mountainous counties in the country by generalizing the construction of Samjiyon City, a model mountainous town with modern civilization. -0-





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