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Letter to President Trump


July 6, 2019


The Honorable Donald J. Trump, President

The United States of America

The White House

Washington, DC 20550



Mr. President, Your Excellency;


On Sunday June 30, 2019, your highly intuitive diplomatic action has gotten the entire attention of Korean Americans and Koreans in particular and of the whole wide world in general! 


There is no wonder why you are elected as the President of the United States of America in such a time like this! When you accepted the invitation of the President Moon Jae-in to visit South Korea right after the G-20, some of us fore-sensed that you would do some epoch-making action while you would share your precious time in Korean peninsula! My own humble presentiment of your extraordinarily astuteness in your leadership has come true as an unprecedented and extraordinary success in the history of the diplomacy in the entire human history!


Your Excellency!

Koreans have long yearned the end of the Korean War and desired the friendly and normal relations to be built between the US and DPRK! In certain aspect your acute empathy with Koreans’ deep agonizing sighing has been embodied and demonstrated when you and Chairman Kim Jong Un met and shook hands, and crossed the dividing line back and forth! In that moment you have transformed the spot of conflict and confrontation over six decades to become the place of healing and reconciliation for peace! What an awesomely history-making contribution you have made!


Mr. President!

There are so many Korean-Americans are separated from their spouses, children and relatives in North Korea so long. Since the travel ban of the US Citizens to North Korea has been in effect on September 1, 2017, these aging Korean Americans have not been able to visit their beloved ones in Northern Part of their homeland. 


You are awesomely compassionate to the Korean-Americans agony!

It would be deeply appreciated if you would lift the current travel ban, so that many aging citizens including myself could visit their beloved ones before too late.


Again, you have demonstrated and embodied your authentically compassionate feeling of the suffering people on the Korean peninsula as the President of the Great USA and most preeminent Leader of the Whole Wide World with such a unique gift of extraordinarily intuitive ways and means!  You have the most exuberant admiration of mine and many Korean Americans!


May the grace and peace of the Divine be with you and yours today and every day!


Sincerely Yours,


Kil Sang Yoon (The Reverend)

A retired ordained minister of The United Methodist Church


Cc:  Secretary Michael R. Pompeo, US Department of States


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